November 16, 2021

How to stick to your budget while still enjoying your holidays

It can be very easy to loose track of your budget whilst on holiday – I admit, I’ve done it!  The quick talk you give to yourself that includes ‘Oh stuff it, we’re on holiday’ or ‘We’re on holiday, what’s one more drink!’  Staying on track can be tricky, but with practice, I think it can be done.  Today, I wanted to share with you tips on how to stick to your budget whilst on holiday and how to keep at it!

how to stick to your budget whilst still enjoying your holiday

Tips on how to stick to your budget while still enjoying your holidays

1.Make a list!  Trust me, when you see it physically written down it is far more easier to stick to then just trusting your brain to remember.  Take the list on holiday with you so you can remind yourself on how much budget you’ve given yourself on different activities such as visiting attractions or enjoying meals out.  Some ideas to include in your list are transportation, food, drink, attractions, souvenirs, gifts and if you are staying self catering, then food shopping.  Learn more here.

2. Transportation.  Whatever type of holiday you take, your going to need to get around!  Our last holiday to Disneyland Paris involved actually driving ourselves, meaning we saved some money on travel.  However, we had to consider petrol money and toll charges that would need to be included in our budget.  However, once we were at our location, we decided to walk everywhere.  Consider where your hotel or camp site is in location to excursions etc.  Our recent visit to London also involved a lot of walking and we managed to stick to our holiday budget by not getting expensive taxi’s.

3. Keep up to date and track your holiday finances.  Whilst we are on holiday we regularly check how much money is in our holiday account and what cash we have left over after each day.  This is a great way to manage your budget as some days you may find you are not spending as much as others and therefore you can either spend more on something you perhaps haven’t budgeted for or save for the next holiday!

4.Think twice about purchasing gifts or souvenirs.  Whilst at the time you may really REALLY want that authentic paella dish from Spain, are you REALLY going to use it?  Mostly likely, the dish is going to be used once then gather dust at the back of the cupboard.  Prior to your holiday, consider what you do actually really like to buy and then you may not be so much swayed to purchasing things that you really do not need!

Whilst your on holiday have you considered renting your property out to others?  GuestReady  is the place to go when it comes to getting an insight into how its done.  They offer a whole host of  Airbnb Management Services to support your potential growing rental properties!

And there you have it!  Do you have any holiday budgeting ideas to add to our list?  I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading xxx

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