March 29, 2020

I’m sorry I took it all for granted

With life completely upside down at the moment due to the Covid 19 outbreak, it has made me realise a few things.  Well, actually, quite a lot of things.  Life can easily be taken for granted, and it’s all those little things that I miss, even after only a short time on lock down.

I’m sorry I took it all for granted.

I’m sorry for taking the school run for granted.  I now miss it terribly.

I’m sorry I took my freedom for granted.  For having the freedom to walk anywhere, at any time.  With whoever I wanted.

I’m sorry for taking all them hugs and kisses for granted.  I can’t remember if I kissed my Mum when I last had social interaction with her a few weeks ago.  I’ll never take a hug or a kiss for granted ever again.

I’m sorry I took the joy of social media for granted.  Now I’m swamped under with negative and worry-some posts, statistics, death rates and talks of lockdown, rations and vulnerabilities.

I’m sorry I took my local supermarket for granted.  Not realising the ease of grabbing a pint of milk, some loo roll or any essentials to keep my family fed and watered so easily.  I’m sorry to all the supermarket workers whom I merely saw as that, instead of someone providing for us, enabling us and giving us the freedom to shop at our leisure.

I’m sorry I took my car for granted.  To Drive.  Anywhere.  Anytime.  To get me from A to B because I had somewhere to go, someone to meet or something to do.

I’m sorry I took looking forward to a holiday for granted.  The booking, the countdown, the planning, the excitement.  Now several of our holidays are in jeopardy with one being cancelled.

I’m sorry for taking the kids to soft play for granted.  For meeting up with friends for a coffee without a concern to pass us by.  What used to be a place we’d all roll our eyes at or shudder over, I now wish it was a place I could take my children to right this second.

I’m sorry I took nipping over to my Mom’s or Sisters for granted.  Now this ‘everyday’ occurrence is gone, and I am missing my family so much.

I’m sorry for taking my delivery drivers for granted.  I now see them as essential, when they can deliver my items to currently keep my family happy, alive, fit and well.

I’m sorry for taking my books, puzzles and games for granted, when I’d perhaps ignore them and chose to work on my laptop or look on my phone scrolling aimlessly through social media.  Now, I am so grateful for such an activity, a love for reading is now prominent more than ever and I have reconnected with my love of puzzles.

I’m sorry for taking a football match or sporting event  on TV for granted.  With a football obsessed 9 year old, I know just how important football is to him, and not being able to play or watch a match is of course having an affect.

I’m sorry for taking strangers for granted.  To be able to walk next to someone in a shop or meet up with someone unexpectedly when out and about. To be carefree when it came to where I walked, who I walked near to or how close we all stood together in a queue.

I’m sorry for taking a crowd for granted.  My family of 5 can often feel like a crowd with all 5 of us together at home.  Now, I am more concerned with those who live alone, who may be experiencing loneliness during this awful time, or for those who haven’t heard someones voice in days.

I’m sorry I took ALL THE LITTLE THINGS for granted.

I’m sorry I took NORMALITY for granted.  Everything we took for granted has now been taken from us. Please come back…

Thanks for reading xxx


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