October 26, 2023

Jewellery for All Seasons: Adapting Your Style Year-Round

Did you know that birthstones were once a fashion statement to be worn year-round? Nobility once wore these stones with the changing months and seasons, swapping gems with time. Only recently have we switched to using these jewels as a statement of our birth months.

Today, we will examine how you can ease back into this style. We’ll start by recommending a capsule collection of everyday wear jewelry. From there, we’ll discuss how to incorporate seasonal gemstones to build different looks that vibe with the passage of the year. From the heavy coats and incredible gems of winter to the summer dresses and warm jewels of summer, we’ve got every base covered.

Large diamond pendant jewellery through the seasons

Birthstones: The Original Seasonal Trend

The belief that each month of the year is associated with a specific stone, which holds unique virtues for individuals born within that month, can be traced back to the works of Josephus in the first century and St. Jerome in the early fifth century. Both authors highlight the correlation between the twelve stones of the high priest’s breastplate, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve zodiac signs.

Despite this early testimony, there’s no evidence of the practice of wearing such stones as birthstones until a much later period, seemingly originating in Poland in the eighteenth century. This tradition stems from the attributed therapeutic virtues of each stone, prompting individuals to wear a particular stone based on their ailments, as their birthstone might not possess the requisite power to address their specific condition or fulfill their desires. G.F. Kunz shares further details in the seminal work, “The Curious Lore of Precious Stones,” sharing several early birthstone charts, all predating the modern birthstone list by centuries!

When comparing the lists, we can observe that most early birthstone lists are similar to popular interpretations of the foundation stones linked to the high priest’s breastplate. Kunz remains skeptical in his writing, alleging that further evidence eludes us in whether the popular birthstone list of today first planted roots in Germany or Poland.

However, we do know that by the 1920s, there was a strong desire to modernize the birthstone list. By doing so, sellers hoped to popularize various stones and diversify consumer interest in gemstone jewelry.

wearing birthstones through the seasons

Building a Foundation of Jewellery

As birthstones are linked to the foundation stones in gem lore, so do we want to create a foundation of jewelry for daily wear. A good focus for your collection helps make selecting jewelry a more leisurely choice day over day, as well as assisting one managing their budget when building their collection. With the rise of fashion trends like capsule wardrobes, a curated selection of jewelry helps us treasure what we add to our lives in meaningful ways.

But where to start? It’s a daunting question but surprisingly straightforward when you break it down. Many of us already use aspects of a capsule wardrobe already – such as if you wear a wedding band or engagement ring!

For starters, it’s essential to decide on metal type. What appeals to you? Do you appreciate the burnished luster of yellow gold? Or perhaps the magical mystery of sterling silver? Your choice of metal helps set the stage for your overall jewelry collection, so it’s a decision that bears some consideration.Having worked in the jewelry industry for over a decade, I recommend starting with 14K yellow gold or sterling silver. Both provide affordable options that look incredible. And should you decide to scale up your spending in the future, these pieces help with that transition. But if you’re happy where you’re at, no worries! These metals offer a lifetime of enjoyment balanced with a manageable investment.

Essential Pieces

Several pieces are worth considering as you build your first collection of capsule jewelry. Think of them as the background characters in a movie – they may not take center stage, but they help flesh out the look and feel of the production, adding much-needed texture and color.

Stacking Rings

Consider a few simple or lightly textured band rings. While you can always wear these alone for a minimalist look, you’ll also be using these to stack with your seasonal jewelry choices. They add extra visual interest and are not just great for building a maximalist look.

Layering Chains

Regarding chains, there are two things to look for here. First, you’ll want chains of various lengths. These can be layered as desired, a simple way to dress up practically any outfit. Look for standard sizes like 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches for layering chains. Of course, adjust your purchases by what you find comfortable wearing. I recommend picking up at least three chains for starters.Secondly, think about the texture of the chain. Texture can either be the link style – like curb or rolo. But it can also show texture or finish on the metal’s surface, like a mirrored effect.

Worn alone, they offer lots of variety, but when layered, you create a range of visual interests based on the lengths, textures, and finishes. And later, when paired with a colorful gemstone pendant, you’ll start taking things to the next level!


Multiple ear piercings have been trending for years, and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay! If you have numerous piercings, there are easy ways to capitalize on this. Simple metal studs or hoops in your chosen metal are an easy way to enhance your look when paired with the seasonal suggestions that lay ahead.

Bracelet Stacking

Similar to chains, a selection of link bracelets can be a great way to lay your jewelry foundation on your wrists. You can always opt for coordinating options that match your favorite wristwatch.

Men might prefer a selection of beaded bracelets, a style that’s been trending for nearly a decade. For guys who want to try this, opt for neutral-colored stones, such as black lava stone, onyx, or shungite. A woven pull clasp closure is great for adjusting the fit to your wrist and keeping things simple and casual.

Jewellery by Season

With the basics covered, we’re ready to pair your foundation jewelry with a range of seasonal selections. These options are curated choices designed to help you adjust your style with the changing seasons. The following options are designed to help you jumpstart your style – you should always experiment and try things that make you feel good.


A cool, sparkling, and festive ambiance often captures winter’s aesthetic. As nature adorns itself in a blanket of snow, the world transforms into a wonderland shimmering under the gentle glow of holiday lights. The season resonates with the spirit of celebration, and the crisp, cool air carries a hint of magic.

Suggested Jewellery

Embracing winter’s sparkle becomes a delightful endeavor with gemstones that reflect the season’s essence. Diamonds, with their clear, brilliant sparkle, are reminiscent of the snow’s pristine beauty. White sapphires follow coolly suit, while blue topaz mirrors the winter sky’s serene hue. These gemstones, set in various jewelry pieces, encapsulate the winter season’s chilly charm and festive spirit.

The trend of layered necklaces continues to thrive in winter, adding depth and a touch of elegance to the heavier attire everyday in this season. Statement earrings become conversation starters at holiday gatherings, while bold rings add a touch of glam to the gloved hands. The shimmering beauty of these pieces against holiday lights’ soft glow enhances the festive atmosphere.

Styling Tips

The winter wardrobe predominantly features heavy sweaters, coats, and festive attire. Pairing these with the right jewelry can elevate the look to a sophisticated ensemble. For instance, a layered necklace can add a touch of femininity to a chunky sweater, while glamorous statement earrings can bring a festive flair to a holiday dress.

Transitioning from day-to-night looks during winter can be effortlessly chic with a few jewelry swaps. A simple pendant necklace can be replaced with a bold, gem-studded necklace for a night out while swapping stud earrings for dramatic chandeliers can instantly uplift the look, making the transition from a day at the office to a night of holiday celebration seamless and stylish.


The aesthetic of spring is characterized by a fresh, colorful, and blossoming ambiance. As nature shakes off the last remnants of winter, a canvas of vibrant hues unfolds. The blossoming flowers, the tender green leaves, and the clear blue skies herald a season of renewal and hope. The world seems to come alive, and the lively tableau inspires a wardrobe transition marked by lighter fabrics and a palette reflecting the season’s fresh essence.

Suggested Jewellery

Spring’s gentle elegance calls for gemstones that echo its colorful palette and tender appeal. With their lush green hue, Emeralds resonate with the season’s vitality, while rose quartz captures the tender bloom of spring with its soft pink allure. Pearls, with their understated elegance and timeless appeal, mirror the season’s serene beauty. These gemstones, whether showcased in rings, necklaces, or earrings, add a touch of spring’s blossoming beauty to any ensemble.

The season also inspires a trend towards floral designs, reflecting the blossoming beauty all around. Floral motifs in jewelry are a direct nod to spring’s essence. Additionally, pastel-colored jewelry complements the season’s soft color palette, while lightweight pieces resonate with the airy, unburdened spirit of spring. These jewelry trends encapsulate the rejuvenating spirit and delicate beauty of spring, allowing wearers to transition gracefully into the warmer months.

Styling Tips

The spring wardrobe typically features lighter fabrics, spring dresses, and light jackets. Complementing these with delicate jewelry can create an elegant and harmonious look. For instance, a floral pendant necklace can add a touch of spring’s blossoming beauty to a simple dress, while a pair of pearl earrings can bring a classic elegance to a casual spring outfit.

Spring is a season of renewal, making it a perfect time to mix and match jewelry pieces to create a fresh look. Combining different metals, styles, or even layering delicate necklaces and bracelets can yield a playful yet polished look. Experimenting with various combinations can help find a unique style that resonates with the season’s fresh and hopeful spirit.


Summer’s aesthetic is embodied by vibrant, sun-kissed, and carefree vibes. The days are long, the sun casts a golden glow, and the spirit of adventure is in the air. It’s a season marked by bold colors, bare skin, and a general ambiance of relaxation and joy. The playful, energetic aura of summer naturally extends to fashion, where the emphasis shifts to easy, breezy styles and vibrant colors that mirror the season’s lively energy.

Suggested Jewellery

The vibrant palette of summer is beautifully complemented by gemstones like turquoise, coral, and amber. Turquoise, with its bright blue hue, evokes the endless summer skies, while coral adds a pop of color reminiscent of sunsets over the beach. Amber, with its warm, golden tones, captures the essence of summer’s sun-kissed glow. These gemstones, whether set in necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, encapsulate the warmth and vibrant energy of summer.

Summer fashion invites a playful exploration of less traditional jewelry pieces. Anklets become a staple, adding a subtle sparkle to bare legs, while toe rings accentuate sun-kissed feet. Beach-inspired jewelry, such as shell necklaces or wave rings, also resonate with the season’s carefree, adventurous spirit. These pieces not only celebrate the season’s essence but also add a whimsical touch to summer outfits.

Styling Tips

Pairing jewelry with summer wardrobes involves finding pieces that complement the light, airy fabrics common in summer dresses, swimsuits, and casual wear. A pair of turquoise earrings can add a splash of color to a white summer dress, while a coral bracelet can enhance the casual look of a tank top and shorts.

Summer is also a season where minimalistic pieces can create a significant impact. A delicate amber necklace can make a statement without overwhelming a simple outfit. Additionally, stacking minimalistic rings or layering thin chain necklaces can add a sophisticated touch to a casual summer look, showcasing a blend of elegance and ease synonymous with summer styling.


Autumn ushers in a season of warm, earthy, and cozy aesthetics. The landscape transitions into a palette of rich, warm tones, with shades of amber, burgundy, and golden yellow painting the scenery. The crisp air and the changing foliage invite a sense of coziness and reflection. It’s a season where fashion embraces the comforting warmth of layered clothing and the earthy hues of nature.

Suggested Jewelry

The gemstones synonymous with autumn embody the season’s warm and earthy palette. Garnet, with its deep red hues, evokes the richness of autumn leaves, while citrine captures the golden glow of the autumn sun. Amber, with its warm, honeyed tones, mirrors the gentle, cozy ambiance of autumn. These gemstones, elegantly showcased in various jewelry pieces, enhance the season’s warm aesthetic.

The jewelry trends of autumn lean towards chunky bracelets, layered necklaces, and nature-inspired pieces. Chunky bracelets add a statement to the layered clothing common in autumn, while layered necklaces complement the season’s penchant for textured, cozy attire. Nature-inspired pieces, reflecting the changing foliage and autumn’s natural bounty, resonate with the season’s earthy, grounded energy.

Styling Tips

Pairing jewelry with the typical autumn wardrobe of fall sweaters, jackets, and boots requires a balance between making a statement and maintaining a cozy elegance. For instance, a chunky bracelet can add a bold touch to a cozy sweater, while a layered necklace can add depth and interest to a simple jacket.

Autumn is an ideal season for mixing textures and materials to create a rich, layered look. Combining metals with leather or wood in jewelry, or layering pieces of varying textures and lengths, can create a visually intriguing ensemble. This mix and match approach embraces the season’s earthy elegance, providing a rich, tactile experience that complements the comforting coolness of autumn days.

The rhythmic transition of seasons not only brings a change in scenery but also opens up a realm of stylistic exploration, especially in the realm of jewelry. Adapting your jewelry to the unfolding seasons can infuse a sense of joy and elegance into your personal style. The sparkle of winter, the blossoming elegance of spring, the sun-kissed allure of summer, and the warm, earthy tones of autumn – each season has its own charm, which can be accentuated with the right pieces of jewelry.

The journey of styling is a personal and creative endeavor. Whether you lean towards the timeless elegance of classic pieces or the trendy allure of seasonal jewelry, there’s a treasure trove of options waiting to be discovered. The opportunity to mix, match, and create a unique style narrative is both exciting and fulfilling.

Every piece of jewelry tells a story, and we’re excited to be a part of the beautiful narrative you create with each changing season.


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