May 1, 2020

Keeping belongings safe with Tagosi *Review*

Constantly losing precious items?  Have the kids lost their favourite teddy or toy?  Always forgetting to pick up stuff whilst out and about?  How many mobile phones have you actually lost?!  Now you really don’t need to worry!  Tagosi is on hand to support you and your family needs when it comes to keeping precious and sentimental items safe whilst out and about!

Want to find out more?  Then read on for our family review of Tagosi!

What is Tagosi?

Tagosi is all about reuniting lost items with their owners.   It’s a service where customers can easily sign up to become members, who are then open to accessing the service that Tagois have on offer.   You sign up to Tagosi offering your email address, mobile phone number and postal address.  Once this is done, you are fully registered and are able to use the service.

Tagosi Card keeping your belongings safe with Tagosi

This service is brilliant as it saves owners having to write their names on their items, potentially ruining the item with ink or making the item look unpleasant to the eye.  You also don’t have to write down your name/surname so there is less risk when it comes to revealing your identity.

Once signed up to Tagosi, you are then sent a pack of products which you can use to keep your items safe.   You can attach these to your sentimental items.  Within your pack you’ll receive:

-2 x cards

-2 x toy/clothes stickers

2 x metal keyrings

4 x metal luggage tags

15 tough stickers (perfect to sticking to a laptop, computer, metal bottles etc)

Tagosi items delivered in your membership pack including stickers, keyring and wallet cards

But I bet your wondering – how does Tagosi work?

Once you’ve attached your chosen Tagosi product onto your sentimental item (child’s favourite teddy, mobile phone or water bottle etc) you’ll items will then be protected.  Each Tagosi tag offers several ways in which a person can return a lost item.  There is a QR code to scan or a website to visit. By doing so, they simply need to insert the members code, and send a message to alert you of your lost item.

Items from Tagosi including a wallet card and luggage tag

Ever found a wallet and haven’t know what to do with it?  If a Tagosi card was within that wallet, you would simply visit the Tagosi website, insert the owners/members code and the owner would be immediately alerted to their time being found, resulting in them being reunited with it ASAP!

It’s a fantastic concept and one in which I wish I had know about many years ago!  With three children in tow, often means that we lose items when out and about – especially those sentimental teddies or toys that are often brought out with us!  This really is a great way to protect those precious items and offer any person who finds it, a way in which to reuite you with that particular time.

It really is genius!

It is also perfect for when you are off on your travels, especially at busy places such as airports or train stations.  Items can easily get left behind.  But using Tagosi will 100% be giving me piece of mind for our future holidays and day trips.

Headphones with the Tagosi sticker used

So, does this sound like something of use to you?  If so, check out Tagosi’s website for their latest membership prices and details on how to sign up!

Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Matt says:

    Great idea for the kids that is!

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