January 23, 2019

Kids wardrobe organisation with Belo and Me – Review

Organised house…organised mind right?!  When it comes to kids wardrobe organisation, I must admit I can be a little..whats the world…jumbled!  As with many parents, I tend to buy more clothes for my children than I do myself, and with Baby K in particular being 22 months, he grows out of his clothing much quicker than the other two.  So i find myself with his outfits hanging up with no order to them, odd socks left right and centre and clothes falling out whenever I open his wardrobe.  It had turned into a little bit of a dumping ground with no organisation to it whatsoever!

I knew I needed to give myself a kick up the bum and spend some time getting his wardrobe more organsied, and thankfully, Belo and Me got in touch to send out some of their wardrobe organisation products for children to save my soul!!!!.  Yes, this is exactly what I needed!

Belo and Me

Belo and Me was created by Rachel MacGregor – a young Mum with a passion and drive to help new parents.  Lets face it, having kids is no easy feat and what can feel like easy tasks pre-kids, can all of a sudden feel overwhelming and the lack of organisation is REAL!

Kids wardrobe organisation with Bel and me showing wardrobe saving hooks, wardrobe dividers and drawer stickers

Kids wardrobe organisation with Belo and Me

Kids wardrobe organisation with Belo and Me

Firstly, I want to share with you all these wardrobe dividers.  The range that Belo offer goes up to 24 months, however there is also blank dividers which is more suitable for Baby K.  I decided to divide up his clothes dependent on what item, rather than age.  He is approaching 2 years old so mostly wears 18-24 months at the moment.  I have wrote on each wardrobe divider so I can separate his clothes to make it easier for me to chose his outfits each day.

Woodland wardrobe dividers

Woodland Wardrobe dividers

Belo and me wardrobe dividers in use in wardrobe dividing Baby K's clothes

Wardrobe dividers from Belo and Me in Baby K’s wardrobes

Following on from the wardrobe dividers, I was also sent some wardrobe space savers.  Baby K’s room is the smallest bedroom in the house, so I have to be pretty savvy with saving space in his bedroom.  These wardrobe space savers are a great idea to save space on hangers – don’t they take up so much room!  For us, this is a great way to showcase his outfits as a set.  He often wears tracksuits with matching top and bottoms so this is a great way of keeping these particular outfits and items together.

space savers on hanger showing an outfit for Baby K hanging on the inside of his open wardrobe door

Space savers showing an outfit for Baby K

I absolutely LOVE these wardrobe drawer dividers and I have to say, has been the most beneficial for me when organising Baby K’s wardrobe.  Each wardrobe divider comes with individual interlocking dividers so you can create your own personal space that suits your child’s wardrobe organisational needs.  You can even cut down to size if you wish.  For Baby K, I separated the drawer wardrobe dividers to fit his vest and blankets into one drawer and his Pyjamas in the other.  I also then stored his shorts for the summer into another wardrobe drawer divider box.  As you can see, I fold the Marie Kondo way and have done for about 18m months now after seeing her videos on Youtube!




Wardrobe dividers from Belo and Me

Wardrobe dividers from Belo and Me

wardrobe drawer divider in blue

wardrobe drawer divider in blue

Finally, Belo and me sent out some drawer/box labels which are so handy for clothes and toy storage!

Belo and Me not only offer fab early years products, especially for wardrobe organisation, but also offer great advice and  articles over on their blog.  It’s brands like this that really stand out for me – they understand about parenting and there provide products that 100% fit the bill!


Thanks for reading xxx

*Belo and Me sent out these wardrobe organisation products for the purpose of this post.  All words and opinions are my own*


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  1. Matt says:

    That looks a great idea to keep all there clothes in order!

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