October 3, 2022

Learning to ride a bike – tips to teach your kids

Bike riding is a lifelong skill, a rite of passage, and an experience that every kid remembers. Most of you still remember how liberated and proud you were when you first rode your bike. The standard approach for teaching your child to ride a bike back then was the running-along-side method. 


There is a newer approach on the scene, though. To avoid overwhelming them, this approach trains children in step-wise manner. Naturally, there will be some scuffs and bruises along the road. Therefore, ensure your children always wear safety gear, such as a bike helmet. 

So, let’s see the best way to teach your kid to ride a bike. 

Steps To Follow Before Getting To Ride

If your child is ready to learn to ride a bike, then before you go to the big lesson, you must first check the following points. 

Make Sure The Bike Fits Your Child Properly

The bike you choose for your kid must fit them properly. Ensure that they can support themselves by standing over the top tube and that their feet are quickly on the ground. When kids start learning to ride, they are afraid that they might fall, so if they can step down when necessary, this will lessen some of their worries and yours too! 

Make Sure Your Kid Has Sufficient Safety Gear

Even if your kid is riding just down the road, make sure your kid is wearing a helmet. Along with helmets, you should also consider knee, elbow, and hand protection. It is best if they are not wearing loose pants and their shoelaces are tied properly. 


Also, let them ring the bike bells to signal onlookers that they are on their way! 

Prepare The Bike

With the help of training wheels, children become comfortable with peddling and sitting on a bike, but they are not helpful when kids learn to balance. Thus, you ought to take them out and lower the seat. Don’t forget to inflate the tires as well adequately. Bicycle tires should be inflated to the recommended pressure for a smoother ride and easy coasting for your child.

Now, it’s time to teach them how to ride! 

Teaching a Kid to Ride a Bike

Teach Them Balancing


– Teaching kids how to balance is the best approach to get them started on their bicycle-riding adventure. So, to accomplish that, you first have to take off the pedals from your kid’s bike. Find a safe, open area before switching to two wheels, for example, an empty parking space or a level, well-kept field. 


– Now, ask your kid to put their weight on the seat and propel the bike forward with their feet. Once the kid feels at ease moving slowly while riding the bike, encourage them to try running before letting them gradually balance and glide. And if they are struggling, you can always give them your assistance.


– Now it is time to develop their balance and steering skills after they have mastered traveling straight. Help them with their turns while gliding. 

It’s Time To Peddle

– Add the peddle back now, but first, elevate the seat height so that the kids can easily touch the ground without bending their knees. This will allow for more effective pedaling.


– Once kids get enough momentum, they should put their feet on the pedals and take off! If you believe your kid needs a little assistance, you can lead them by placing a soft touch in the region of the neck and shoulders. Avoid attempting to hold your child’s bike because doing so will make the child unbalanced.


– Kids can turn their bikes as soon as they get pedaling. You can encourage them to take turns around wide circles. Rest is all about practice! 


Summing up, following the above-steps, your kid will learn how to ride in a few weeks or a month. Your child will learn these abilities when they are ready. So, have patience and enjoy this time with your little ones. These are the memories to cherish!

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