December 31, 2021

Leather Recliners Maintenance Tips

If you own a leather recliner chair, you will probably use it quite often. We can’t blame you – it looks great in every room and provides you with the ultimate comfort and convenience. Whether you hang around with your friends, work from home, or watch your favorite movie, you always choose this fancy armchair as your preferred spot.

Leather furniture is known for its unique appearance. These pieces really give a touch of luxury to any interior. More on their benefits read on this source. But as for maintenance, leather furniture is not the most desirable thing in the world. It means that your recliner will need some special attention to stay good-looking and functional.

Many things can happen to your chair and hurt its quality or appearance. These can be scratches from pets, stains from your kids, or simple wear and tear because of everyday use. But these can all be prevented. You can buy a recliner made of protected leather and have peace of mind. Or you can just be more careful and attentive to this piece of furniture.

Regular Cleaning

It may sound too obvious, but sometimes the simplest things give the best results. Regular cleaning of leather recliners will help the dirt not get into the upholstery and ruin your favorite seating.

Regular cleaning doesn’t always mean using a cloth and cleaning products. Sometimes it’s enough just to remove dust particles with a wet hand, to remove the hair after your pet has been on this chair, or to wipe up spilled liquid right away. In the long run, these simple routine tasks will extend the lifespan of your recliner and allow you to enjoy the quality and comfortable seating for a long time.

Use Specialized Products

It is good to know there are different kinds of cleaning products in the market. You should use those intended for leather furniture. These usually contain some moisturizing agents, as leather is a natural material that needs almost the same care as your skin.

Cleaning products shouldn’t contain solvents or ammonia, as these chemicals can cause even more damage to your recliner. So when you choose cleaning agents, you must read the label and use only those made for leather.

Homemade Cleaning Agents

Instead of store-bought products, you can use a moisturizing soap to rub onto your recliner. Another option is a solution of one part white vinegar with two parts linseed oil that should be sprayed or applied with a soft cloth. In both cases, let the cleanser sit for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Check the page below for tips on removing water stains:

For persistent greasy or oily stains, remove any liquid with a cloth. Use corn starch or baking soda to stay on the stain overnight. Apply these ingredients before the cleaning solution. The next day, just vacuum the rest and continue with regular washing.

Next, you’ll need a slightly moist cloth to remove the cleaning solution. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratches. After every wiping, soak it into the warm water with a few drops of vinegar. Squeeze it well and repeat the wiping. Once you remove all soap traces, leave the recliner to air dry. Never leave this piece of leather furniture near the heater or radiator nor use a hairdryer.

Refresh and Shine

There are also products you can use to refresh the look of leather recliners. These include polish and conditioner. You can use them to give your chairs a protective layer that will keep them looking good. To get a beautiful shine, you can use a commercial conditioner in a spray. Just make sure that you read the instructions written on the bottle to do leather care safely.

As for a homemade solution, mix vinegar and linseed oil. Dab the cloth in and rub your recliner all over. There’s no need to use a conditioner after every cleaning. Once in a month will be enough. That will make your leather piece of furniture shiny and condition it.

Use ‘Special’ Cleaning Tools

Remember we said how leather requires special care? It often requires extra effort but also costs. You will probably need to get special equipment for cleaning leather furniture. But hold your horses and keep your wallet down – you probably have most of these things in your house.

You will need a brush with soft bristles, a spray bottle, and even a vacuum cleaner for your leather recliner to prevent the dust and dirt from getting deep in the upholstery. In case of minor scratches, you could use a chamois cloth soaked in distilled water to buff those tiny marks.

You don’t have to do complex things to take good care of your leather recliner chair. Nor it will take you too much time and money if you do the maintenance right. All you have to do is be regular and use specialized products and tools.

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