July 14, 2022

LifeRyder Kids All Terrain Scooter *Review*

Anytime we say ‘lets go to the park’ our three kids love to say back ‘can I go on my scooter?’  Scooters are a great way of kids (and adults) getting around and our three have loved scooting for many years right from when they were little.  Transitioning from their 4 wheeled trikes right up to a stunt scooter, we’ve had a fair few over the years.  For our youngest, he has recently moved up from his 3 wheeled scooter and needed something a little more robust.  When LifeRyder got in touch to see if we wanted to give one a go, we were very excited!

Who are Liferyder?

Liferyder are a family run business where they’re main goal was to ‘make the coolest “Go Anywhere”  scooter that will be cherished for years’.  With that in mind, they came up with the ‘all terrain’ scooter suitable for children aged 5 years and up.  In 2000, the liferyder dream came a reality and the all terrain scooter was born!

Me and liferyder Uk box


So what stands out with Liferyder scooters?

Liferyder scooters want to be different.  They want to stand out from the rest of the scooters on the market.  But with so many out there, how do they actually do that?

With Liferyder scooter, their main goal is to ensure that the scooter is suitable for all terrains.  Offering 12 inch wheels, this means that the scooter can zip and zoom across tarmac, grass, up and down hills, muddy tracks, tree roots; the works!  As well as the extra large wheels, liferyder scooters are designed for children aged 5-15 (offering adjustable handlebars) meaning that there is no short life spam and children get to keep their scooter for all their childhood years!  But you may ask the question, what about if they get bored?  Well here is another great concept.  Liferyder scooters include stick-able graphics and there are loads to choose from (35 to be exact!).  So if your child fancies a change after a few years or they grow out of the army design and want something a little more subtle, then additional sticker graphics can be brought – what a genius idea!

Unboxing of liferyder scooter for kids box

Now for the high tech stuff!  Liferyder scooters offer high speed bearings and low rolling resistance AIR tyres, which allows riders to glide along using the littlest of effort for longer distances.  It is also the lightest scooter ever made… In the world!  Pretty impressive huh?!

12 inch wheel from all terrain kids scooter from liferyder uk

Our thoughts of Liferyder Scooter

As soon as the branded box arrived it was a thrill to open it up and look inside.  We chose the green army sticker graphics as this really stood out for us, and upon opening the box, you are offered the scooter and graphics separately.  Building the scooter took approx 45 minutes including sticker the graphics onto the relevant parts of the scooter.  But according to my husband who built the scooter, instructions were easy to follow in particular where to stick each sticker!  Whilst it can be frustrating for parents to have to build certain toys for their kids, its understandable when you see the size of this scooter that it really couldn’t be delivered in any other way and therefore wasn’t much trouble.

liferyder scooter instructions

The smoothness of this scooter is just something else.  We have quite deep grooves on our patio which the kids have really struggled with when playing out on their scooters with the smaller wheels getting stuck.  However, the Liferyder scooter just glides over them.  Immediately I knew that this was a scooter different from all the rest and would be something easy to use and manoeuvre.

12 inch wheel from liferyder uk

What we also love about Liferyder is the option of changing the graphics on the scooter – that’s a real selling point!  You can also add personalised number plates on to the scooter which is a really cute idea.

We are really super impressed with the robustness of the scooter.  Our youngest is really heavy handed and even though he is only 5 years old, he’s a strong and tough cookie!  So knowing that these scooters offer wearable materials is a real plus.

My only gripe is that the Liferyder scooter isn’t easily foldable and to do so, you have to loosen a couple of bolts which is too much hassle for us.  However, as we have a large car, for us it works in a sense that we can pop the scooter upright into the boot without faffing around.  But this could be an issue for those with smaller cars.  Having said that, it’s not like the scooter isn’t entirely un-foldable – it just takes a bit of extra effort.

liferyder all terrain kids scooter review

Overall thoughts

Overall, we are really super impressed with this all terrain scooter for kids.  It’s super sturdy, we love the fact it can be used on all terrains (we can’t wait to take it to Cannock Chase!) and it will last our youngest for 10 years, with all parts of the scooter being replaceable if needed.  We can’t wait for many adventures ahead with Liferyder scooters!

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