November 22, 2023

Money Games Review

In this article we are going to share our review of Money Games from the Mortgage Calculator website. Whatever your hobby or hobbies may be, online games can be cathartic and enjoyable so it’s worth a read to find out more about what we think!

I love gaming, and grew up playing online games including solitare, Doom, Mario Kart and so much more! Mobile games and web browser games are on the rise and are super popular, especially for me when travelling as it really passes the time. I was excited to check out The Mortgage Calculator website to review their games section and was intrigued to find out what games they had on offer. As the website states, many of the games are related to money (so if that’s your thing, your in luck!) and all are free! Whilst some people may be put off by the fact many of the games are about money, it really is a great way to learn more about finance and numbers and might be a great tool for those who are working on a course or in college to learn through gaming!

After spending some time on their website, I wanted to share with my readers some of the games that I found most enjoyable.

Pizza Baker

Having a similar tycoon game on our Nintendo Switch, I made a beeline for this game as I love cooking games!  Pizza Baker is essentially where you had to build pizzas depending on what order comes through.  Offering 2 pizza bases, 3 sauces and a variety of toppings, you are against the clock to make and bake the pizzas on order.  The more pizzas you make and bake, the more points you get!

Pizza Baker game on The Mortgage calculator online website

The game does take a few minutes to load and there is a slightly loud bleeping sound when the clock ticks to tell you that your time is nearly up!  So if this bothers you, make sure to lower your volume or turn off your sound completely. overall, we love to play this game as a family!

Baking the pizzas on The Pizza Baker game on The Mortgage calculator game

Counting Money

If you really struggle with money or if your about to start a new job where you’ll handle a lot of money and need to get quick at counting money, or this might even be a helpful game for children to learn about money, this game is great.  It’s super simple and involves counting the correct money by choosing from notes and coins.  The game is in US dollars which proved tricky to start as we are used to GBP, however, the game does give you a hint at what each coin is so this was super helpful!

Counting money game on the mortgage calculator

Whats great is that you can chose from a few mode options, meaning you’ll have a difference in amount to count up to.  There is also beginning mode and expert mode which was great.

Overall, a great number game!

Counting money game on the mortgage calculator

Pros of The Mortgage calculator games

– Some of the games are super fun!

– Games can easily be played on mobile phones for when your out and about.

– Lots of games to choose from.


– Some of the games took a few minutes to load.

– Some were quiet noisy.

– Some games slowed my computer down.

Overall, we were really pleased with The Mortgage calculator and the computer games on offer, and is a great place for those who want to learn more about finance, running a business and if you have a general love for numbers!

Thanks for reading xxx


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