May 25, 2020

My Covid-19 lockdown silver linings

As we begin another week of lockdown here in the UK (I think we are on week 10 right?!), it only felt right to draw upon some positives from the weeks that have left us.  For many (and for me at times) these weeks have been difficult. Full of anxiety, worry and the constant missing of many family members.  But, I still have a lot to be thankful for, and I have come to draw some ‘silver linings’ from my experience so far in lockdown with my family at home.

I was tagged by the lovely Fiona from Mummy Vs Work to share my silver linings.

Appreciation of all that surrounds me outside

We’ve been living in Solihull all our lives and I feel we live in a lovely town.  But I didn’t appreciate how much loveliness we have here.  As we’ve been staying extremely local and only went out in the car as a family last week, we’ve been spending most of our exercise exploring our local area and park, finding new paths, trails and really appreciating the greenery – sounds corny I know!  But I didn’t realise how beautiful some areas of where we live are, and I now really appreciate the sights and smells of all things nature!  And is it me, or does everything now seem a lot brighter now there is lack of air pollution?!

silver linings of being in lockdown Covid-19

Getting things done!

Being at home a lot more (with the hubby at home for the first 8 weeks) has meant that we have really had time to get some of the ‘to do’s’ ticked off the list.  Mostly in the garden, as the weather as been so warm and lovely for the majority of lockdown so far.

Relax, no rush, lie in…

I think I’ve really appreciated the time of no rushing around and enjoying some slow mornings at home.  I think many of us Mums and Dads with school aged children know what any morning is like during the week.  It’s mostly filled with trying to get what feels like a million and one breakfasts made, attempts at showers and everybody ready and out the door by a certain time.  Despite still working from home, its been enjoyable just taking it slow and enjoying them mornings a little bit more, with no school run to do.  And the odd cheeky lie in! It’s also given me chance to carry out research on products I’ve been interested in with regards to my headaches, and seeing what is available out there (such as CBD products from Gold Bee) to support my chronic pain! I’ve heard good things about natural remedies, so it’s nice to have some time to actually try these.

Family time

The family time we’ve had has been unreal and whilst it isn’t all sunflowers and roses, I’ve really been able to enjoy the times we’ve had.  Yes we’ve had times of feeling cooped up on rainy days, we’ve bickered and had to separate the kids on numerous occasions.  It isn’t easy.  But, its been lovely to spend the time together for such a long period of time.  For my younger two, it’s really brought them together and I’ve noticed how close they really are.

Time to work

Being at home more  (even with the kids at home) has given me the opportunity to work, as well as focus on my blog a tad more.  I’ve been lucky to have Matt at home which has meant that this has given more more thinking space, discussions and time to put finger to keyboard a lot more, which I am thankful for!  Now he is back at work, I’ll miss this!

Meeting some Milestones

I am super proud of my youngest who has now tackled potty training, which he was quite reluctant to do at first.   But spending all of our time at home has given us the opportunity to take some time with this and allow him to tackle this at his own pace.  Missy has also learned how to ride her bike without stabilisers!

I love to run

Yes, I didn’t think I did, but I do!  Ok, maybe not in the rain (!), but I have really found some enjoyment from recently starting couch to 5K and despite obtaining a knee injury, I’ve really tried to keep at it.  It’s also lovely to just have some me time, listen to a few tunes and zone out.


I now tag:

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What are your silver linings?  I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading xxx


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