October 19, 2021

My top Tips for managing stress

Stress can hit me in waves.  And to tackle it (which honestly sometimes I can’t) can be difficult.  I find distraction key,  and keeping myself busy is the best way for me to not ponder or worry about things that I cannot control.  Whilst I agree that we need to talk about what we are stressed about, sometimes we need to lose ourselves in something.  And I have learnt that along the way!  Here are my top tips for managing stress by distraction!

Read a good book

I know it sounds clique but reading is 100% a distraction when I am feeling stressed.  Stress and overthinking (which I do A LOT) can consume me especially on the evenings.  I find taking myself off to bed and turning the lights off difficult if I haven’t distracted my mind.  Therefore, I always will read a few pages of my book to ‘zone out’ and allow my mind to think about something else before I go to sleep.  This normally works and not only is it a a good source of distraction, it also makes me fall asleep a lot quicker than I normally would!


Some would say having the gadgets out when feeling stressed is the last thing you should do.  And I agree.  Allowing myself time off my phone works wonders when it comes to reducing my stress load.  But I also love to play games, whether it be on our Nintendo or free online games.  My 4 year old loves the Wii at the moment and we often play Avengers or Lego Movie, and the new Nintendo OLED is on my radar!  The Plays.org online gaming site is also great if you wanted to trial out some gaming if this is something that is new to you, as it is completely free and doesn’t mean you have to fork out to pay for a new console.  I really enjoy seeking out new games on here, as the category list is huge!  I can also favourite my games I play the most so they are easier to find when I next visit.  One game in particular I enjoy with Missy who currently enjoys basketball class afterschool, is Dunk Line.  This game is simple but exciting and involves using a tablet.  Simply draw a line to guide the falling ball into the basket resulting in scoring points.  The more levels you move up, the more difficult it gets! It’s a pleasant and  simple game but great to play with Missy and it’s pretty addictive!


I’m the worst person for it BUT what I did begin during lockdown was running.  And whilst I’ve struggled to keep it up, I do enjoy a long walk especially around my local parks.  Sometimes our mind can become clearer when we get out into the fresh air and I think it’s a lovely distraction if you go on a little scavenger hunt too.  Around October, I love collecting conkers for the kids and not only I getting some exercise, it’s also a lovely distraction when I’m on the hunt for something.  If that’s not your thing, why not take out your camera (or get out your phone if you don’t have one) and get snappy!  I love taking a good photo and it really makes me appreciate the beauty of where I am.  You never know, you may start a new hobby!


Time flies by when busy with work but stress needs to stay at bay which is difficult when we are not allowing ourselves time to ourselves.  I love a good hobby and have had many over the years (hence the beginning of my blog!)  A few years back I became really into completing jigsaws and my dining table was covered!  I find it relaxing as well as a great distraction from stressful thoughts.  I have done many a 1000 piece over the years and is something that I really enjoyed doing.  If jigsaws are not your thing, why not try something new like baking, knitting or doodling.  It might seem like a great effort to begin with, but it may be a lovely distraction to stress and a great way of relaxing your mind.


This is pretty obvious but sleep is bliss when your mind is full of stressful thoughts during the day.  As I mentioned, to help me sleep I make sure I get reading before lights out.  But if reading isn’t your thing, perhaps try a warm drink or a bath before bedtime to help you settle.You can also take a lion’s mane extract capsule with your drink before bedtime—lion’s mane is said to improve your quality of sleep and help you relax.

And whilst it may be off putting to get an early night when you want some ‘me time’ it will do you the world of good!

Do you have any helpful tips you could leave in the comments about ways to reduce stress?  Let me know!

Thanks for reading xxx

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