December 11, 2020

North Pole Breakfast Ideas

On the 1st December we normally have a North Pole breakfast as part of our Christmas traditions.  We’ve been doing this for a few years now but the last 2 years it has really become a ‘thing’ and more and more families are having them.  Now of course, you don’t have to have them on the 1st December. You can chose to have them on any date you wish.  And, it doesn’t have to be a North Pole breakfast!  It can be a North Pole Lunch or even a Dinner!

Today, I’ll be sharing some ideas we have done over the years around our creation of our North Pole Breakfast and sharing ideas and tips!

Finished look with food, sweets, decorations and table ware for our north pole breakfast

Welcome the Elves

We normally hold our North Pole Breakfast on the 1st December as this is the date that our Elves return back to us in the lead up to Christmas.  The children’s elves will bring their advent calendars which the kids love each year.  I think it’s a lovely way to begin the festive season and not only do the kids get a welcome from the elves, they also get their treat in their special advent calendars!

North Pole Breakfast ideas festive table wear

Festive Tableware

I’ll decorate the table in a tablecloth (this year I got a plain red one from B&M) and some Christmas paper plates (no washing up hooray!) and some festive napkins.  I tried to find some papercups and festive straws but I couldnt find any this year, but of course this is something you can add.  Last year I brought some crockery stacking Santa mugs so I used them instead.

Using santa mugs for our north pole breakfast

I covered each chair with a Santa chair cover too.  We’ve had them for years now and they have done the rounds between the family members!  They do look great and finish off the table decorations great!

Santa Hat chair covers for our north pole breakfast


Aside from tableware for a North Pole breakfast, I decided to get a few decorative bits.  I chose these hanging Santas from B&M bargains that were about £2.50.  I huge each one off the light over the table.  There were really sturdy and looked great.  I also brought some fake snow balls from Morrisons for £5.  There are super soft and actually feel like real snow.  I dotted these around the table to have a bit of fun with! There are loads of simple North Pole decoration ideas in the shops at the moment.  Some simple ideas of tinsel or baubles scattered across the table would look ace too!

Santa decorations for our north pole breakfast

Fake snow balls for our north pole breakfast ideas

Festive Food ideas for North Pole Breakfast

There is a huge choice of festive food for a North Pole breakfast.  In recent years, we’ve opted for:

 Reindeer crumpets and Christmas tree crumpets

Cinnamon swirl pastries (add 2 raisins as eyes, a red glacier cherry for a nose and chocolate prezels for antlers!)

– Croissants

– Festive Nutella Tree

But this year, I decided to make our very own festive Nutella tree!  It’s super easy to make and all you need is 2 sheets of puff pastry, Nutella and a pizza cutter.  All I did was cut out a Christmas tree shape on the first sheet of puff pastry.  I then covered it in Nutella leaving a small gap around the edge.  I then placed the top sheet on top and pressed out the shape of the tree, then using the pizza cutter to cut it out.  I then cut lines 1 cm apart all the way up the tree up and down each side.  I twisted each of these sections and toped the tree off with a star which I used a star cutter for out of the excess pastry we didn’t use.  I baked in the oven for 25 minutes on 180 degrees fan oven and topped with Christmas Sprinkles!

Cooked and finished festive nutella Christmas tree for our north pole breakfast

– Santa Hats

I also made some simple Santa Hats because we can have a healthy North Pole breakfast!  I used Strawberries, Banana, mini marshmallows and icing sugar.  Simply cut some banana up then cut the green leaf end off the strawberries.  Top each banana piece with a strawberry.  Mix up a small amount of icing sugar then pop a small amount onto each mini marshmallow and stick on top of the strawberry.  Voila!  It’s worth a note that I made these on the morning of our North Pole Breakfast as bananas go brown really quickly when exposed to oxygen.  You can of course keep the skin on if you wished to do it the night before!

Santa hats made out of banana strawberries and mini marshmallows

– Lucky Charms

Each year, the kids are treated to a box of lucky charms on their North Pole Breakfast!  This year I managed to get hold of the chocolate lucky charms from B&M Bargains and poured them each a small bowl into a Christmas cupcake case!  I did this the night before and they did not go stale overnight.

chocolate lucky charms for our north pole breakfast


– Is it even a North Pole Breakfast without sweets?!  I sprinkled some skittles around the table too and the kids immediately spotted these and scooped them up!  You could of course use any sweets or chocolates you like!  I also added a bowl of Popcorn because….why not!

And there you have it – my ideas for a North Pole Breakfast this Christmas!  Do you have a North Pole Breakfast for your kids?  It’s one of the reasons to add to why I love Christmas with kids!

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