May 28, 2021

Online Tutoring with Intuition Clubs *Review*

Since the first lockdown when my children missed nearly 6 months of school, I’ve been considering a tutor to offer some support to their missed learning.  Let’s face it, home schooling was tough and I am no teacher!  Whilst I did my best, working from home during this time also made it extremely difficult to really support all three of my children’s educational needs.

All three of my children were able to attend school again during the third lockdown however, I have felt that they’ve needed some extra support since last year, especially for my daughter who is in Year 2.  I also have a son in Year 6 who has recently completed his SATS and seeking extra tuition support was on my mind.

Intuition Clubs

Intuition Clubs reached out a few months ago and it really was perfect timing.  We were very keen to see what tuition support the service could offer to my children and for the past 6 weeks both my 7 year old and 11 year old have been attending weekly 1:1’s via zoom.  Read on to find out more about our Intuition Clubs Review!

What is Intuition Clubs

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Intuition Clubs is an online tuition network, offering 1:1 and group online tutor sessions to children.  They offer sessions for children aged from 5 years old up to the age of 11.  In addition to they’re regular online tutor lessons, they also offer tutor sessions specifically for the 11+ which is good to know if this is something your child is working towards.  When perusing the membership options, there are various choices you can select at various prices as you can see below.

membership costs of intuition clubs services

The one-to-one sessions that my children have been attending costs £160 each, but of course there are other options to chose from if your budget is smaller.

Taster session at Intuition Clubs

Prior to Mr B and Missy joining up with the scheme they were offered taster sessions.  This was to discuss what areas of support the children needed the most and for the tutor to gain an insight into the level they were at.  These taster sessions were a great idea.  Unfortunately these taster sessions were not with the tutor who would be teaching either of my children – I think it would be beneficial for them to have their tutor complete the taster session as my children could then get used to that tutor a lot quicker rather than have to swap and change.  Overall, both has three tutors across the 6 sessions, which one being consistent for the last 4 weeks.

Intuition Clubs Session

Each session lasts 1 hour and prior to beginning your child’s sessions, Intuition Clubs will arrange the most convenient time for your child, whether that be after school or during the weekend.  We chose in the week as we felt that we were too busy on the weekends.  Prior to the lesson beginning, each week we were sent out a Teams Link via email for us to easily access.  We did have a few teething problems along the way but it soon became easy and fluid to navigate.

I’ve been really grateful for the last 6 weeks of support from Intuition clubs.  It’s given me reassurance and hope that the children are getting back on track after missing so much school last year, and been a positive and happy experience for them both.

Tips for using an online Tutor for your child

– Get your child ready and set up 10 minutes prior to the session beginning

– Make sure you sit in an area of the house that is comfortable and quiet

– Ensure that you have a good wi-fi connection!

– Provide a drink and a snack so that your child doesn’t lose concentration

– Whilst you may be busy during the session, sit in for 10 minutes or so to ensure that everything is going well and that your child is happy and comfortable

– Make sure your laptop is charged!

If you are interested and want to make use of my offer, then please use the code Tuition894

to get a discount!

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