Mum Contract


So when you have a baby, your life changes completely.  Right?!  It’s funny how we can look back on our lives before our children are born and think, wow wasn’t life different then, we could go on a spontaneous night…


January Favourites 2018

So January is now a distant memory – how quick has the first month gone.  And February is practically like 2 weeks long so before you know it spring with be upon us! And Easter…bunnies, chocolate, sunshine…ok I’m going off…


My Breastfeeding Tips and Advice


Breastfeeding tips can be so helpful for those that may be struggling with feeding.  First of all, I would just like to say that breastfeeding isn’t for everyone…and that’s absolutely ok!!!!  Whatever way your baby is fed – breast or…


Baking Mad Party – Peter Rabbit

Last weekend I held a children’s party at my home provided by Baking Mad.  I know, I must be mad right having a load of excited kids in my home, baking a cake, blowing balloons, buttering ham and cheese rolls…when it…


My Top 5 Christmas Presents 2017

I know I know, Christmas feels like a distant memory but I couldn’t miss out on sharing my ‘best bits’ from christmas 2017. I’ve been very torn as to whether to post this but I’ve chosen to write this blog post…


Our Review of SeaLife Centre, Birmingham

  I went along to the National Sea life Centre, Birmingham on Saturday and had a lovely time.  I must admit, I’ve not ventured into the city for some time out of fear of crowded places and with the terrible…


My Top 10 Tips when visiting Disneyland Paris


As my family and I have just returned from an amazing trip to Disneyland Paris back in November, I felt it was only right to share my amazing experience with others, including all the advice and tips I can offer…


Positive thinking for the New Year ahead

It can be very easy to feel a little bit rubbish when it comes to arriving into January. Christmas blues are upon us, the cold weather is still ever so present and we are all feeling a little sluggish after…