July 4, 2022

PAJ GPS All Round Finder Tracker Review

GPS trackers for your belongings such as cases, vehicles and even people are becoming more and more popular in recent years.  My husband’s mode of transport is his push bike, and whilst he locks up his bike each time he goes to work, he works with a lot of people and could potentially be at risk of his bike being stolen.  Having a tracker on your prized belongings offers peace of mind, and this is where PAJ GPS All Round Finder Tracker comes in.

PAJ GPS All Round Finder Tracker outer packaging

What is the PAJ GPS All Round Finder

PAJ offer various different types of GPS trackers, dependent on what kind of item or usage the tracker will be used for.  The PAJ All round finder is a bigger version out of the GPS trackers available due to it being used for larger items, such as bicycles.

As PAJ GPS is one of the leading European brand of GPS tracking devices, it is quite reassuring to know that some of your most prized possessions are in safe hands.  But, what is inside the box and how does it work?

Inside the All Round Finder Tracker you will find:

– Instruction manual

– The Finder

– Sim card already installed inside the Finder GPS Tracker (do not remove)

– Small case

– Charger cable

– USB power outlet adapter

Contents of a PAJ GPS All Round Finder Tracker

The PAJs All Round Finder is essentially a GPS tracking device.  It determines its position using satellite’s, and sends it to the finder portal.  The position of the tracker can be checked at anytime online, where alert settings can also be set.  There is an app to use which you can set up on IPhone or Android which is the best way to use the tracking service.

Contents of the PAJ GPS All Round Finder Tracker

Using your PAJ GPS All Round Finder

Before you use and set up your tracker, it is recommended that you charge the device for around 8 – 12 hours before using it for the first time.  There is also the chance to set up the account for the device online and activate it before use.  As mentioned above, you can do this via the PAJ Portal app which also then allows you to easily track your device by the use of your phone a lot more easily than logging into a computer.

In addition to the cost of the Finder, you’ll also note that there is a subscription service.  The cost varies depending on how long you sign up for, but the most expensive monthly fee is £5.99 which I think is reasonable to ensure you get the best service, especially with the use of the app.

GPS inside the wallet

Once your GPS is activated and charged, you can begin to use it on items such as bikes, motorbikes or any vehicle for that matter.  Other options may be luggage or even people!

The highlights of the PAJ All Round Finder are:

– Its compact and light with a measurement of 10.6 CM length and 6.3 cm width

– Its handy and easy to pop inside a pocket, bag or in our case, a bike saddle bag

– Splash-poof

– SOS button and alarms received via the app

– 20 day battery life in use and 40 days in stand-by

– Worldwide locating

– Customer support available with the PAJ expert team

The best way to use this on a bike is to keep the GPS inside a saddle bag which permanently stays on the bike!

Attaching the GPS Tracker onto a bike

The PAJ App

The app is a fantastic way of communicating with your GPS tracker and offers various elements to it.  We love the Live tracking meaning you can keep an eye on your item in live time, updating every 30 seconds.   The app also offers route information, showing routes from the last 100 days.  It can measure speed, location and dates for efficiency.  Finally, on the app you’ll be able to set up Geofence, which is essentially safe zones.  Should the device ever leave these safe zones, then you’ll receive an email or notification on the app.

PAJ GPS All Round Finder Tracker on a bike

Overall thoughts

We are really impressed with the All round Finder from PAJ.  The device is small and lightweight which is perfect for not having to carry any extra weight when biking.  It’s also pleasant to the eye but can be easily concealed in a saddle bag.  The app is fantastic and is super handy to find out any details, which is at your fingertips.  We really liked the live tracking element and the fact that routes can be saved for 100 days.  We also thought 20 days worth of battery was a good time before it needed to be charged again.

And finally, we really love that the GPS tracker is versatile and can be used for various other items.

The PAJ All Round Finder is available from Amazon for UK customers and prices at £49.99.

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