December 7, 2020

Patlock Review – Extra Security for French Doors

When we had our house renovations completed in 2017, we included french doors leading out from the kitchen into the garden.  It’s not only a fantastic addition to our kitchen with access to the back, but it is also lovely to have floor to ceiling views of our garden and expands the space too.  However, french doors are obviously another way to access the home when it comes to burglars and it has always been a concern of mine.  However, we decided that the risk was worth the additional of having french doors included in our kitchen.  If your looking to have french doors fitted, there are many places to search for the best deals once of them being french and patio doors in Linconshire.

We take several measures to keep out home secure as I am sure many people do.  But it is interesting to find alternative ways of ramping up the security, including using the device Patlock.

What is Patlock

Patlock is a device that provides extra security for french doors, within your home.  The device is aimed at stopping burglars accessing your property through you french doors by a method called lock snapping.  I have heard from several people that this is a popular way to gain access into peoples homes, and having large french doors on the back of the home does make me feel exposed at times.  Therefore, having some extra security at this vulnerable place definitly puts my mind at ease!

Intermal sercurity for french doors Patlock

The Patlock device is super easy and simply to use.  It also doesn’t look unpleasant and you can remove the device at any given time.  It simply comes in two sections that then slide over each french door handle and connect with each other, making a vice.  This prevents the french doors from being opened even if any parts off the lock have been removed.  Simple eh?!

I was so impressed with how simple using the Patlock device was.  There are no fiddly bits, no secret levers or small keys.  And due to the simplicity of fitting it, it can be removed as often as you need.  For example, you may only wish to have it fitted when you’re not at home or when you go to bed.

Patlock, security for french doors called patlock fitted

How to use the Patlock Device

As I mentioned, the Patlock device have two halves to it.  With the yellow Patlock wording facing outwards, slide each section onto your french door handles.  Line up the silver locking bars and slot then into place.  Easy.  To remove, you simply press the release buttons on each section and pull to release.  Honestly, there really is no messing around!

release buttons on the patlock device

Patlock review extra security for french doors

The device also comes with two stickers which you can chose to stick anywhere on your french doors as a visual deterrent.  However, it would also be clear to a burglar that this is fitted so it excellent for visual security too.

Review of Patlock

Overall, I am super impressed!  The Patlock device seems durable and strong, and as I mentioned, doesn’t look unpleasant to the eye.  I 100% feel more happier and safer that we now can fit this when we leave the house and go to bed.  I always feel that it is so important to keep your home safe from preying eyes especially when my family is in it!  Why give a burglar an opportunity?  We once got broken in to many years ago and it was a horrible experience.  Thankfully, the burglar didn’t gain access into the house but they did damage one of our doors to try and gain access.  This device has given me more security confidence and I would recommend for anyone who has french doors fitted.  This really is the ultimate deterrent for thieves!  I think anything that can help reduce crime and the fear of crime is a positive purchase in my eyes!

The Patlock is sold via their website  and retails at £49.99.  Patlock is also available Argos, B&Q, Robert Dyas and Woodie’s (Ireland)

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  1. Matt says:

    What a great idea that is for extra security!

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