April 3, 2020

Plan a Cracking Easter Weekend!

We may all be stuck indoors, but that doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate Easter.  Aside from Christmas, Easter is one of my favourite family celebrations as we love to extend it across the whole four days, visiting family and taking part in many activities (in normal circumstances)

However, this year is a little bit different…

But, I really don’t want that to affect how we celebrate.  With three kids, Easter is an exciting time for them and I would really like to keep it as ‘normal’ as possible this year.  This is why I wanted to create a post for all my readers to grab some inspiration for keeping their Easter alive this year. However, this isn’t a post to make anyone feel anxious or feel worried about what they have or haven’t got planned.  The most important thing to remember is that we are all keeping ourselves and our children safe at home.  This is just a little inspiration post if anyone does want to celebrate Easter this year whilst self isolating.

Easter Gifts

I always love to purchase a few gifts for the kids at Easter instead of an overload of Chocolate.  Missy loves Hatchimals, and we are loving the new introduction of the Hatchimals Bouquet.  It’s a great alternative to the tradition of gifting chocolate, and you an even hide each flower bud instead of an Easter Egg in your Easter Egg Hunt!   Amazon are still delivering (on certain items so check delivery dates) as is Smyths and Argos.

Fun stuff to do at Easter Gifts Hatchimals Bouquet

However, your gift doesn’t have to be a purchase, as these are tricky times.  Do you have something to make at home for the kids?  Perhaps a batch of Easter brownies, a handmade card, drawing or even put your knitting skills to use (if you have them!)

Hexbugs are also a great gift for those who love something fun, exciting and a little bit creepy!  A gift like this is pretty entertaining and fun for all the family I say.  Whilst we’ve enjoyed playing with the Hexbug Nano, there are loads of Hexbug products on the market for you to enjoy and all reasonably priced.

Hexbug Nano Easter gift idea

Virtual Disney Rides

For many of us Disney lovers, having a Disney holiday cancelled because of Covid-19 sucks.  So, to brighten up your Disney lovers homes with a bit of Disney, check out Youtube.  Youtube is the perfect place to grab your Disney fix and any Easter break needs to include a bit of Disney.  Watch Disney vlogs, Disney news and even join in on a Disney POV (point of view) which means you can literally ride the Disney rides at home!

Virtual Easter Bunny

Whilst the Easter Bunny may not be making a physical appearance this year, that doesn’t mean the kids can’t enjoy a virtual visit.  Families preparing for Easter this year need not fear as there is a live streaming event taking place especially for you all, getting children involved and excited at this time of year.  During the event, the Easter Bunny will deliver story time, interactive games and even personal shout outs!  Registration is only £5 and you can find out more here.

Easter Bunny Challenge Live and Online Virtual visit from Easter Bunny

Egg-cellent Movie Day

Why not have movie day, complete with popcorn, dimmed lighting (close them blinds!) and a perfect Easter film.  We love Hop, Smurfs and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which are perfect films to watch at Easter.  Disney+ recently launched in the UK which shows an array of films suitable for all the family and also offer a free 7 day trial.  If you dont have popcorn in, just use an alternative snack. It’s more about making an ‘at home cinema’ vibe.  So if it means duvets , crumbs and darkness, so be it!

Easter Baking

As I mentioned above, Easter is a perfect time to get in the kitchen with the kids and get baking.  Some recipes I’ve found you only need 3 ingredients, so perfect if you only have limited stock.  It’s a great Easter activity to bring the family together and create something fun and enjoyable!

Easter baking at home during isolation

Easter Scavanger Hunt

We love a good Easter Egg hunt, but this year you may not have all the correct supplies.  That doesn’t mean you have to completely discard an Easter Egg hunt!  Instead, turn your normal Easter Egg hunt into an Easter Scavenger Hunt, either around your garden or home.  Use easter eggs, teddies, chocolate or other items you may already have or check out amazon for any last minute deliveries.  We love these little eggs filled with little chicks!

Easter Crafts

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without some fun bunny and Egg crafts.  Check out amazon, Hobby Craft online and Baker Ross for deliveries prior to Easter.  Emma also have lots of ideas of Easter Activities for all the family!  We love colouring in Easter Eggs or getting creative with making Easter Egg bonnets or baskets.  It’s a great way to keep the kids busy and entertained.  If you cannot access delivery prior to Easter, perhaps draw your own Easter Eggs and decorate them, sticking them in the window for those who happen to pass by.

Easter Family Games

We love family games in our house!  It defo is a nice way to get us together and passes the time.  How about dusting off those games you’ve had up in the loft or purchase a new game off Amazon  – there is some still available for delivery.  We love Disney’s ColourBrain game and we also spotted Kids Vs Parents which looks lots of fun!  Or how about a themed Monopoly or even creating your own Monopoly board with a piece of card!


pokemon monopoly

Easter Sweets

Have a cupboard full of sweets?  Then why not create your own Easter Sweetie bags.  If you have any baskets, plastic bags from old birthday parties or even some DIY paper bags, fill them up with some sweets or chocolate you already have.  The kids will no doubt not notice and you still feel like you’ve given them something from the Easter Bunny!

And there you have it!  I hope you’ve found some Easter Inspiration whilst self isolating and I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.  And just remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect. It will be what it will be, and more importantly we are all at home and staying safe.

Thanks for reading xxx

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