September 4, 2019

Puro Sound Labs Puroquiet Headphones for Kids

In the past, I’ve never really thought about the high importance of sound when it comes to kids headphones.  I’ve always chosen the most colourful or gimmicky pair I could find, especially if it featured their favourite character.  More often than not, the cheap headphones I’ve purchased over the years have soon lost their soft ear covers, had cables snap and soon become unusable.

For any parent, I think it is important to shop around and find a good deal.  BUT, it is also important to consider what the pair of headphones actually do and if they are healthy for your kiddos, not just look pleasing to the eye.   It can be tough when considering price, and you certainly do not want to be ripped off for something that may be doing the same job as a cheaper version.  However, it is important to know that headphones are safe for your little ones ears, especially when using for long periods of time such as in travel.



Mr B wearing his Puro Lab's Puroquiet wireless headphones in blue

PuroQuiet Headphones for kids

Having a husband who produces music, he knows a thing or two about sound control.  As he listens to music frequently, it is important that he gets the right pair of headphones, with good sound and safe volume control.  Of course, this is not only something to consider for grown-ups but also for our little ones too.  Mr B spends a good amount of time on his PS4, and uses his headphones frequently when were off on our travels, in particular long road trips.  So it did shock me to learn that some headphones don’t consider the safety elements when it comes to sound control.

This month, we were sent a pair of PuroQuiet headphones from Puro Sounds to review.  These headphones are made for children, and ensure that the headphones are safe when it comes to volume limits.




Something that Puro sounds promises is that the wireless headphones protects developing eardrums, which is done but ensuring the volume is limited to 85 dB to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss.  This is good to know if you have kiddos who love enjoy listening to music whilst en-route, or enjoy to watch their iPads during your travel time.

The headphones also enables focused listening switch on Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to block out background noise up to 22 dB.  This can easily be turned on and off with a button located on the headphones.  I had a go using this on the Puro’s, and it’s amazing how much noise is cancelled out!


Puro Lab PuroQuiet wireless headphones in blue

PuroQuiet Wireless Headphones – the look

Well, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I am drawn to a good looking pair of headphones and so are the kids!  And these do not disappoint!  Whilst they are not displaying the latest character, the do look super trendy! And for Mr B’s grand old age of 9, they were perfect.   The PuroQuiet headphones are kept safe and secure in a protective carry case.  This is great for keeping the additional items that arrived with the headphones (USB charging wire and aux wire)

As soon as Mr B saw them, he said they looked cool and he loved the wireless element to them.  We easily managed to connect wirelessly through bluetooth on our Apple devices and whilst I have a pair of wireless earbuds, this was a first for the kids to use!


Puro Lab PuroQuiet wireless headphones in blue


The wireless headphones can easily be charged using the USB cable provided (we charged into the MAC) and charge life lasts for up to 16 hours.  There is a aux cable too, which is great for travelling at times when bluetooth may not be available.

Our verdict

Al threes of the kids have had a try with the PuroQuiet headphones at some point, and are perfect for kid’s ears in size.  You can adjust the width of the headband easily by gently extending it by pulling down or pushing up.  AND they are super comfortable!  Which when travelling with three kids, we all want our kids to be comfortable whilst they are being entertained.  We love the look – they look expensive, trendy and fun!  And we think they sound great!

So whether your looking for the best pair of headphones for your tween, the comfiest headphones for your toddler or just want a solid reasonably priced pair, honestly look no further!


Puro Lab PuroQuiet Wireless headphones in blue


The Puro Sound Lab’s PuroQuiet wireless headphones are available from Amazon

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  1. Matt says:

    Great headphones there for kids!!

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