December 12, 2022

Refresh Your Borders – Border Inspiration

Garden borders are the backbone of any UK garden. No matter what garden design you’re going for, you’re going to want to think about your garden borders in order to achieve your desired look.

Gardening trends come and go. However, garden borders remain a prominent and popular aspect of all gardens due to their multiple uses. If you’re looking to refresh your borders and give your garden a fresh new feel, we’ve got some inspiration for you to help you get started.

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Create Dividers With Garden Borders

In addition to looking very pretty, your garden borders can carry out a range of structural purposes in your garden. Borders can work alongside hard landscaping elements such as your patio and decking to give some clear outlines to various zones in your garden.

When designing your dividing borders, think about the colours surrounding it. Contrasting colours can help to provide a more striking appearance and can help each element clearly stand out.

Use The Fence

You don’t need a massive garden to incorporate an effective and appealing border. It’s easy to create a neat border in front of your fence. Make the most of all of the space in your garden by using up this space in front of the fence.

Consider a border with some gorgeous colourful blooms and interesting foliage along with a climbing plant that can scurry up the fence and create more interest.

Stick to a Colour Scheme

If you have a good idea of the colours you would like to include in your borders, it’s best to stick to three. Choose a neutral colour, a deep colour, and a contrasting colour. For example, white, blue, and yellow. Once you have an idea of the colour scheme, you’ll easily be able to choose plants that match.

However, if you are struggling to come up with the right colours for your garden or if you need some inspiration, you may want to hire a local gardener who would be able to give you the inspiration you need and give you some ideas on the best plants for your space.

Follow a Path

A great place for borders is along either side of a path. There are many quick and easy ways to create a pathway in your garden. One of the simplest and most inexpensive ways to do this is by laying some loose gravel.

However, if you’re interested in installing a more permanent pathway in your garden, you may want to opt for stone or brick. A pathway is a great addition to any garden regardless of the materials and a border can help to make it stand out and provide added beauty.

Consider Naturalistic Planting

If you are worried about your border requiring a lot of maintenance, consider embracing naturalistic planting. You can create a gorgeous relaxed garden space that makes use of pollinator-friendly plants.

If you want to create a quaint cottage-style feeling in your garden, this is the best way to go. Choose borders filled with a range of cottage-like favourites such as meadowsweet, roses, jasmine, wild strawberries, and wild honeysuckle.

Make The Most of Shady Borders

Don’t ignore your shady borders or overlook any shaded spaces in your garden where a border could be placed. If you choose to plant carefully, paying attention to whether you have damp or dry shade in your garden, you can make some great interesting borders in these areas. Choose shade-loving plants such as hostas and ferns for these borders.

If you want to add some colour in these areas, hydrangeas are a great choice. These are easy to care for and provide gorgeous white blooms against the green foliage which can help to add interested in these shaded areas of the garden.

Add Edging to Your Borders

There are many types of garden edging that can run alongside a border. These can include forming a dip between the planted up soil and the lawn with a hoe, building a low brick, stone, or rendered wall, or laying some log rolling. Regardless of which you choose, try to ensure that the colour scheme ties in with the rest of the garden and works well with the plants in your border.

It’s important to always add some clear edging to your borders, even if the borders become overwhelmed with excitable plants. Otherwise, your borders will lack foundation and may end up looking a bit formless. A clear border edging can also help to make it much easier for you to mow your lawn.

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