August 18, 2018

Review: Octopus Learning subscription box

Last month, we were very kindly sent an Octopus Learning subscription box to trial out!  This could not have come at a better time!  The 6 weeks holidays loomed ahead (eeeek!) and whilst we have been on holiday, I am always wracking my brain to think of activities to do at home.  It can be tricky to think of ideas, especially that are cheap, fun and involve learning too.  I love subscription boxes as I love the element of surprise!  This is the first children’s subscription box I have had, so I was super keen to check out Octopus Learning and what these boxes had to offer!

What is Octopus Learning?

Octopus Learning is a company founded by teacher and Mum of two Tanya Fish.  Tanya set up Octopus Learning to promote education through fun, interaction and creativity. She came up with the idea after subscribing to a few monthly subscription boxes for her son.  She fell in love with the idea off offering children the chance to receive an exciting yet educational learning box each month, yet still have fun and quality time making memories.  Her boxes are designed for adults and children to learn and explore together, encouraging quality time and interaction.  Octopus learning is all about supporting parents at home too, to enable learning through play.

The contents of our octopus learning subscription box including octopus cards, creative items and work sheets

Octopus Learning offers subscription boxes to children aged between 2 – 5 years.  Each month, a box will contain several learning and educational activities linked to the Early Years Educational Curriculum.

What was inside our Octopus Learning Subscription box?

Inside each box, there is an array of activities  – and I mean an array!  We had:

  1. Rock Pool Counting
  2. Scavanger Hunt
  3. Crayon Rubbings
  4. Rhyming words
  5. Make your own Rock pool
  6. Flower creations
  7. Fruit lollies
  8. Recognising the seasons


Each of the 8 activities is linked to a learning Octopus to guide you and your child along the way with that chosen activity.  For example, we had Octo-Talk, Octo-Maths and Octo-Move to name a few!  Each learning octopus offers instructions on a card to run through the activity.  As well as these octopus cards, we had a newsletter, work sheets and a bag of items to get creative with.

Ab octopus learning octopus card detailing what to do with that particular activityThe creative contents of our octopus learning subscription box

The fun we had!

Both B and W got involved in completing these activities (I kind of encouraged him to help his sister out, but I think he enjoyed the scavenger hunt more than her!)  What I love about this subscription box is that you can have fun when you want – there is no rush or no huge activity to complete in a set or given time.  We came and went as we pleased!  But I have to say, W did want to complete all the activities in one go she was that excited!  They both loved the scavenger hunt, where we searched for certain items in our garden and then ticked them off the sheet.  This was something that they kept coming back to do and even added their own items onto the list!

the scavenger hunt activity we got provided with in our octopus learning box

Outdoor textures was another simple yet fun activity them both enjoyed.  We went around different items in the garden with our crayons and paper provided, and explored different textures.  I was quite surprised that they didn’t ask for my help and became really inventive, using a tree stump, swing seat, decking and even the roof of their play house!  We loved the idea of making ice lollies too!  For this activity, you did need additional items such as an ice cube tray or yoghurt pots.  But the lolly sticks were provided!

The octo move activity

W also enjoyed making her own rock pool using our ‘octo’ stickers and items we collected from our scavenger hunt.  I think her favourite though was her flowers creations – she loved making them and it was so simple too!

W enjoying her creative flower activity in the octopus learning subscription boxW collecting stones for her rock pool jar

Our verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed our octopus learning box and I think, as a parent its something great to do with the kids at home!  Often, we feel pressured (or certainly I do!) to think of activities to do with the  kids.  We can make a huge deal and effort into creating something fun to do that can fall on deaf ears. It can be a struggle for parents to offer these creative ideas we see on Pintrest and engage our little sprogs in said activities right?!

A close up of the seasons activity offered in the octopus learning subscription box

This however, is a perfect way to have activities on hand each month and sent to your door!  It encourages time together, is educational and most importantly, FUN!  The box offered a variety of activities that got my kids moving as well as being creative.  I loved that we spent most of our time in the garden gathering items and talking about things we’d seen or how things felt.

Finally, these boxes can be personalised and arrive with your child’s name displayed on the front – I love personalised items so this was a big hit with me!

A close up of the octo card

Monthly subscriptions are offered at £9.95 + £1 P&P per month.  If you wish for a sibling subscription (resources for two children to complete each month) its £14.95 + £1 P&P.  Octopus Learning also ship worldwide!  Check out more information here!

*This is a collaborative post.  We were gifted an octopus learning box in exchange for this review.  As always, all words and opinions are my own*



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