November 2, 2018

School run Hacks

As parents, we all need hacks in our life, and today I will be talking about school run hacks.  Yes…The school run.  My favourite park of the day!!  Actually, no it’s not.  Some days it is the hardest part of the day, especially when things just go tits up.  It can be bloody exhausting trying to get the three of them out of the door for 8.30am.  Especially when their always seems to be battles along the way.  Or ways to prevent us from getting out that door.  A water bottle that’s gone walkies,  (damm I know I need to prepare the night before better!), a filled nappy that needs changing pronto (!) or the dreaded lost school shoe.  It’s always just the one isn’t it!

Generally, I am an organised person.  Most mornings, the kids clothes uniform will be ready laid out for them to wear (organised the night before), SOMETIMES the packed lunches are ready in the fridge and I can even prepare my outfit the night before too!  Despite such preparation, the hours before the school run are sometimes no plain sailing and by the time I have dropped off B and W, I am done in!  It is especially hard when I have to get myself to a meeting straight from the school run,  so half brushed hair just won’t do!

I am lucky I only live walking distance to school.  And whilst the two older kids attend the same school, they are at different sites.   So it literally is a mad dash for 30 minutes to and from both buildings.  If there is rain…well then I am a drowned rat.  If there is ice…I am Bambi on ice!  If there is wind.  I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. You get my drift.

A pair of school shoes with pencils and a chalkboard

So I thought I would compile a list of school run hacks and ways to make the school run easier…if that even exists!

School Run Hacks

  1. The most obvious school run hack?!  Prep the night before.  And that is EVERYTHING.  Uniforms, shoes, homework, bags, lunch boxes and water bottle, PE kits. Coats, scarfs, hats….wow there really is a lot to think about!!
  2. Getting the kiddos out of bed.  For me, this isn’t a challenge.  It is bloody keeping them in bed that bit longer so we are not up at the crack of dawn.  But if you are finding they just don’t get up in time, invest in their own clock.
  3. Make it fun.  At the moment, the first thing B and W want in the morning is their vitamins.  I have been a crap mama over the years and failed to give them.  So now we’ve introduced them into our morning routine, they love taking them and look forward to it too.  They are super yummy!
  4. If you want to be even more super organised, get their place mats, cereal bowls and spoons all ready for breakfast.  Breakfast time can be a tricky time for me as this is where Baby K will choose to launch his cereal all over the floor. If I am off to work, I really do not want to leave the house untidy so then I have to factor in the cleaning up of this! So always give yourself extra time if you can.
  5. Bribery/bribery.  Ok, I will admit I often reward or bribe them to get ready.  W who is 4 can take her time!!  I will let her go on the tablet for 10 minutes if she is completely dressed and teeth are brushed (that means she is quiet for that 10 minutes too!)
  6. Get the kids to help out!!  Seriously, you cant be expected to do EVERYTHING.  Having a toddler means there sometimes is loads of crap spread everywhere.  I ask them to each pick up 5 items/toys each which they do not mind doing and it really does help me out!
  7. What’s really important is that first cup of tea or coffee right!?  Make sure you have time for yourself to have that cuppa or a piece of toast whilst the kids are eating their breakfast.

Happy school run and I hope my school run hacks help you with your morning routine!!!



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