August 26, 2020

Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?

Music can be beneficial for children of all ages. It can help to reduce stress, increase productivity and even help to build confidence. 

If your child has a love of music, this passion should be encouraged by parents. To help you understand why, an independent school in Leicestershire have listed below some of the key benefits associated with learning a musical instrument…

Should I encourage my child to learn an instrument?


Playing an instrument can help to improve a child’s coordination and motor skills. The piano is a great example of this. When playing the piano a child needs to use both hands to play different notes, press the foot pedal and read music, all at the same time – Now that is impressive multi-tasking!


Children who begin learning a musical instrument at an early age have a chance to develop their skills into a professional career. This practice and dedication will help to teach them how to reach their goals throughout life, through hard work and perseverance.


Playing an instrument provides many levels of learning and accomplishments. This can be an extremely motivational and confidence boosting lesson for a child, especially if they go on to share their musical skills in school performances.


You may have noticed yourself that listening to music is a great way to relax and reduce stress. Playing an instrument can also have a calming effect. Whilst concentrating on learning a piece of music, children can take a break from any daily stresses or worries they may have.


Last, but by no means least, music can help to improve memory! That’s right; studies have shown that music can help to enhance a child’s overall learning. When playing an instrument, a child must read music; remember melodies and then replicate them. All of these actions contribute towards improved cognitive abilities.

If your child does show an interest in learning to play an instrument, as well as enrolling them in lessons, you can research what instruments would be most suitable. If they are keen to learn the guitar, read reviews on best guitars for children. The most expensive isn’t always the best and it may be advisable to start on the lower end of the price scale until your child is hooked!  With so much free time on their hands, there has never been a better time for a child to take up music!”

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