July 24, 2018

#Spendorsave – Giffgaff Gameplan Event

On the 12th July, I was invited along to the #spendorsave Giffgaff Gameplan event.  There are two things that appealed to me here.  One was the fact it was a gaming event.  I am partial to a game or two (computer or board game!) and secondly, I was drawn to how this event would be about saving money.  No matter if you are a live for the moment kind of person, or like to store all your money for a rainy day, it was intriguing to see what Giffgaff had to offer about ways in which to save money.

Giffgaff Gameplan Event

The event was held at the quirky Yorks Cafe at the Ikon Gallery.  We were greeted with a glass of prosecco and then had an introductory talk about Giffgaffs new concept.

Giffgaff worker welcoming us to the event

Photo courtesy of elouisageorgiou

Essentially, this event was an introduction into Giffgaff’s financial service called Giffgaff gameplan.  They explained about how the service is offered to customers to enable them to take control of their money in a better and more economical way.

One of the things they provide is a free credit check which is great!  They also offer the option to compare on your energy prices, car insurance, credit cards and loans.  It all seems about smart planning, smart switching and smart saving.

Outside the venue for Giffgaff Gameplan event Yorks Cafe in Birmingham

Photo courtesy of elouisageorgiou

The food offered at Yorks Cafe during our Giffgaff Gameplan event in Birmingham

The cake provided by Yorks Cafe at out Giffgaff event

Photo courtesy of elouisageorgiou

The food that York’s cafe offered was just delicious.  Think rustic pizzas, potato salad, sweet glazed vegetables and coriander and lime coleslaw.

The Spend or Save Board Game

What followed was 90 minutes of playing Giffgaffs newly launched board game named Spend or Save.  Ultimately, you move around the board spending you money or saving it and choosing life goals to help you along the way.  For example, you could get a pension, get married or buy a car.  This game was a great strategy to get everybody thinking about what they spend their money on, what things they invest in (like a property) or what they think their money is wasted on.  A lot of money was lost during our game.  You had the option to land on a question mark which resulted in you selecting a card from the ? pack.  You could be lucky and come into some money, OR you could lose.  Examples of what we lost money on was getting scammed by an Egyptian Prince, paying for a funeral or getting divorced.

The Giffgaff Gameplan Spend or Save Board game box

Our counters for playing the spend or save Giffgaff gameplay board game

The board game close up of the Spend or Save

Each time you move around the board, you age 5 years and the game ends when you hit retirement.  Whoever has the most cash at the end of the game, including money invested in homes, ISA’s or pensions WINS! Admittedly, I was loosing fast.  However, with a bit of savvy thinking (one being purchasing a house!) I managed to win the game on our table and came fourth out of the whole event.  I just missed out on winning a prize and donating money to a chosen charity!

Me playing the Giffgaff spend or save board game

Photo courtesy of elouisageorgiou

Our table playing the Giffgaff gameplay spend or sabe board game during the event

Photo courtesy of elouisageorgiou

Final Say

The event was fantastic and I was lucky enough to play with some of the Giffgaff Gameplan team as well as the lovely Amy from thismommaiswingingit.  We had such a blast, yet at the same time learnt about being money savvy and what different strategies can help you along the way.

Lastly, what I have learnt from this event is exactly Giffgaff’s gameplan’s message.  Start with a plan.  And make it a GAMEPLAN.  Fancy a free credit check?

*This is a collaborative post.  I got invited along to the event in exchange for this blog post.  All words and options are my own*

Elouisa Georgiou Photography

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