October 26, 2020

Supporting Your Child with building their self esteem

As a Mum to three children, ensuring I raise confident children is key.  As a child, it is so important to ensure that they value themselves.  Many children have low expectations of themselves, and proceed to take this into their adult life.  Becoming confident and having a high level of self esteem should start in childhood, but many factors such as social media, peers and other influential factors can of course play a huge part in affecting children’s confidence.

Today I want to share with you the beginning of our journey with Mindscreen.  We are working with Mindscreen to take the progression of tracking our child’s self esteem, and work together to manage how this could be improved on.  But firstly, what exactly is Mindscreen?

What is Mindscreen?

Supporting Your Child with building their self esteem with Mindscreen

Building up children’s self-esteem is important because high self-esteem in childhood is proven to improve prospects in adulthood.  As parents, we aspire to ensure that we can support our children no matter what when it comes to this.

Mindscreen has over 20 years of experience when it comes to supporting children with their confidence and unlocking their potential.  They share that it is a trusted source for parents and schools to access when it comes to offering support to children and is designed to help develop preserve a child’s self worth by uncovering their unique skills and abilities through the journey of Mindscreen.

In a nutshell, Mindscreen experience is an online toolkit for parents and teachers to explore and use to support their child who may be struggling with their self esteem and confidence.  The Mindscreen experience is available online and is recommended for children aged 11 plus.  It’s aim is to help your child boost their mental-courage and begin their journey in taking the right path to support their mental health and confidence to prepare them for adulthood.

Their framework will help parents or carers help understand your child and ensure that you can connect with them on their journey to improve their self esteem, along with some powerful practical steps, guides and lessons for your child to take.   To begin, you can access their FREE self esteem check prior to purchasing a subscription (it’s worth a note that I am offering a code for my readers at the bottom of this post!)

Take the free self esteem check

To begin with, anyone who accesses the Mindscreen experience can take a Free self esteem check for their child.  It is really simple and easy to do and there is no charge whatsoever.  Please note, this is a check that YOU complete, not your child.

Mindscreen Free Self Esteem Check for your child

The check is a series of 36 simple quick fire questions for you to take based on what you think and feel about your child’s self esteem and confidence.   By answering the questions will give you an indication of where Mindscreen thinks your child’s level of self esteem is from pulling information you share with regards to your child’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities.  From this, you will be able to determine whether you child’s level is low, medium or high and whether Mindscreen recommend intervention or not.

For a score of 30 or below, Mindscreen recommend that intervention is not necessary, however it is advisable for a score of over 30 so it really is worth checking to see where you feel your child sits when it comes to measuring their self esteem.

Mindscreen Experience Subscription

Following on from taking the free self esteem check for your child, it is then your choice as to whether you decide to sign up for the Mindscreen experience subscription.  If you choose to do so, you will then be able to access the FULL experience, complete with a child’s questionnaire, access to their personal learning style and a series of lessons that your child will take independently to track, monitor and support improvement of their self esteem and confidence.  From this, you will get enlightening insights about your child’s characteristics and practical resources to grow their self-awareness, confidence, and resilience.

Mindscreen offer a selection of difference subscriptions from individual child packages to a whole family package.  It is worth checking their website to see which package suits you.

So let’s begin..

To begin the Mindscreen experience, we were set a series of questions for Mr B to complete independently.  These were multiple choice questions as well as placing statements in a certain order as to what he likes/dislikes and what he feels his behaviours are.  From this, several documents were produced.


Firstly, there is a Personalised Learning style document (PSL) which reveals details of their interests and in which styles they like to learn.  This is really insightful as a parent as it shares with you the knowledge of your child’s learning habits and styles, ensuring a better understanding is shared.  You will also be provided with a Learning Improvement Graph (LIG)  This is really important as it plots your child’s self esteem, self awareness and confidence and is really helpful when tracking their improvement in these areas.


From this, your child is then set 9 lessons in total to complete as they wish.   Prior to beginning the Mindscreen course, you will be offered a selection of resources to tap into to support you and your childs self esteem journey such as:

– Discovering More about Yourself and Other Booklet

– Guide to Self Awareness

– Guide to Self Confidence

– Guide to Self Esteem

To learn more about Mindscreen, check out their website and follow our journey as we explore Lessons 1-4 next!

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