May 22, 2021

The Benefits of Drama Classes in Schools

Schools are first and foremost a place of academic learning but alongside that academic learning must come a raft of supporting subjects. Subjects which are intrinsically artistic in nature. Without these subjects, schools would not only be much fewer interesting places for students but also less satisfying and those students who are not academic by nature would miss out on many opportunities.


Students who are academic can still benefit enormously from the arts-based subjects such as drama. Confidence can be gained as students are challenged to speak up and stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the great benefits drama classes in schools can bring.

The benefits of drama class in school

A new approach to literature


First and foremost, drama is incredibly powerful when it comes to understanding classical and modern literature on a deeper level. Sitting and reading Shakespeare or Brecht in a classroom is one thing but standing up and acting it out is another. Students can be introduced to and excited by periods in history which they may not otherwise have thought about.


Literature like this is also a wonderful way for them to learn more about social and political history. This prep school in Lincolnshire includes drama as a regular part of the curriculum and the students’ confidence and commitment to theatre is clear to be seen.


Confidence can be gained


Even the shiest students can benefit from participating in acting classes or school productions in general. Most teachers will be sensitive about children who are shy and won’t give them large speaking parts but will usually challenge them with a few lines. This is important as public speaking as a skill is so useful when it comes time to enter the workplace. If your child has never been to the theatre, take them as soon as possible. The thrill of the theatre takes some beating, and you might just spark a flame which lasts a lifetime.


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