September 8, 2021

The Benefits of Journaling for Kids

We used to call it ‘keeping a diary’ and the more modern concept of journaling does have some things in common with that old-fashioned habit of writing down thoughts and feelings in one place – but it’s also moved on somewhat.


The idea of journaling is to encourage an outlet for pent-up ideas and feelings. It’s a brilliant way for children to express themselves whilst learning new skills. What makes journaling different from writing during school lessons is that there’s no right or wrong, no grammar police and no rules!


This is a freeing experience for children and will help them to unleash their creativity.

Creativity is something this Basingstoke art college takes seriously. Through creativity, children learn to express their emotions and to clarify their thoughts and feelings.


What you need to get your child started


Not much! In reality you only need paper and pen or pencil but you might want to discuss this with your child. Show them some examples of journals and let them choose. Some children like spiral-bound notebooks, others prefer a sketchbook with plain leaves – then there’s the large, scrapbook type books which are a good choice for children who love to stick and glue. All are good options and with the addition of a selection of pens and pencils, glue stick, scissors and even stickers, your child will soon take on the new activity with pleasure.


Let your child lead


Tell them there are no rules in journaling. There’s no hard and fast way to manage a journal. They can fill their journal with writing and not add any pictures at all – or they can have tonnes of images and barely any writing. The point of a journal is to express their thoughts and feelings – the way they tackle that is up to them. Let them know they can cut things out of old magazines, print images from the internet, stick in dried flowers, tickets, wrappers – whatever they like!


How to begin


Being faced with an empty page is intimidating so why not start off with suggestions for a few things your child might like to start with.



Once your child gets going, their ideas will begin to flow and their journals will begin to fill up.

Thanks for reading xxx

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