November 10, 2022

The Best Ways to Make an Exciting Family Video

Shoot on vocations, while on holidays, or during simple cozy eves together, the countless family pictures and videos are probably some of the most precious things every person wants to keep through their life. Without any doubt, the easiest, most creative, and most practical way to get all those memories stored today is to make an outstanding family video!

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best ideas on how to make a video with your closest people that will amaze anyone who’ll see it.

#1 Shoot the Real Moments

We all know how iconic the videos look on Instagram, with all the moments captured from the perfect angle, with the ideal lighting and thoroughly planned outfits. However, chasing for the ideal footage might turn your family shot into a nightmare, with all the participants feeling annoyed and exhausted. 

That is why the first advice from the experts will be to capture the real moments: don’t force your kids or other family members to do something on camera. Instead, try to film what they’re doing in different moments of their life, capturing just them in their element with the best background. 

#2 Always Take the Camera with You

Another good point that will help you to collect plenty of footage for your family videos is to keep the camera always at hand and don’t forget to capture the moments which can potentially become a good fit. You’ll never know what it’s the best time to shoot until you realize the missing elements in the post-production stage. 

Fortunately, many video cameras are lightweight and easy to take with you, not to mention the outstanding quality of the photos and videos you can get with the smartphone!

#3 Combine the Culture & Fun

Engaging videos have proven to be very beneficial for business, and they also help to capture memorable life moments. Thus, do your best to incorporate into your content fun activities like eating ice cream or showing funny faces.

This will help you to capture family moments in full, showing not only the emotions you experience but also diving into that specific time in your life and recovering the day or event in more detail. 

#4 Make the Shots of Ordinary Things

Whether you’re going for a simple lunch break with your closest ones, heading for a certain place in a family car, or packing the stuff for a vacation – capture these moments too! 

Your footage shouldn’t always contain a specific story, but instead the natural transitions between the key elements of your video. Therefore, you’ll be able to create a professional-like video with properly planned footage that enables the viewers to re-live or dive deeper into each of the moments in particular.

#5 Be Aware of Light & Use Various Angles 

To make your shot more captivating and colorful, make sure to leverage the power of light and shade. For instance, an obvious thing that is usually missed out is not putting your family members next to the source of light. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending hours editing to get something more than their silhouettes on the video. 

Additionally, to make your videos more dynamic and simplify the video-making process at the editing stage, try to capture a few shots from different angles. This way, you’ll be able to choose the best shot that ideally fits your concept and won’t look too boring on the screen.  

#6 Invest the Time and Effort Into Video Editing

Finally, one of the most essential things that surely matters when planning any family video is mastering the basic video editing techniques. Regardless of the duration of your video or the footage outline, learning the basics like cutting a video, adding background music and subtitles, adjusting colors, etc. can turn the random funny shots into a catching story of your family’s life. 

Bonus Tips to Make the Most of Your Footage

Whether you’ve just started making your first attempts at family vacation movies or have been practicing for a while, these tips can help you make the most of each shot you create. 

– Shoot everything, everywhere. One of the most common challenges of beginners (and even professional creators) is having too little footage for the upcoming video. However, we recommend taking it easier – you’ll never regret the pictures or videos you did take, but you’re likely to regret those you’ve missed. After all, you can always choose the best shots from a wider range of options and delete the stuff that doesn’t fit. 

– Shoot horizontally, not vertically. To avoid the black spaces on your final version, make sure you’re holding the device properly, so it is comfortable to review on both your mobile and desktop devices. 

– Don’t limit yourself to the standard videos. There are plenty of options on how to make a video and even more on how to leverage their potential effectively. Upload the video to a digital photo frame, use a movie converter to convert it into the right format, and share it with your friends on social media. You can also print out the funniest captures for your family photo book or refrigerator to keep the memories always with you. 

And you’re all set!

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve discovered some of the best tricks to make a creative family video that is sure to capture all the key moments of your life. As you can see, it’s not as challenging as it seems and can be performed by people with little to no expertise in video-making and editing software. 

Already inspired to give it a try? Then it’s the right time to start turning your shots into memorable video captures!

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