November 11, 2022

The Great Outdoors: 5 Excellent Ways to Style Outdoor Wear

In the summer, outdoor wear is either as little as humanly possible to beat the heat and get a tan, or it comes in the form of protective garments and accessories like long sleeved swimwear and hats. In fall and winter, outdoor wear changes its form a lot. Instead of staying cool it’s all about layering up to stay warm, but to also have the option of losing a layer or two (in the fall at least) if the day isn’t completely freezing cold. Back in the day, outdoor wear and outerwear like coats and boots in general wasn’t created to be beautiful and functional, just functional. Luckily for us, those days are long past, and now outerwear like heavy coats, hiking and walking boots, wellingtons and the like are all just as nice to look at and wear as they are functional. Women’s Superdry jackets come in a variety of on-trend colors and fabrics, swim shorts are wearable both in and out of the water as part of a complete outfit, and puffer jackets are far less marshmallow person and far more cute! Outdoor wear in and of itself has become trendy, not only when you’re actually in the outdoors, but also any time you feel like it.

The new and innovative ways that outdoor wear is now designed makes it a lot easier to create complete and exciting looks, but in case you still need some help or inspiration we’ve got a few ideas for you to keep your outdoor wear looking fresh all winter.

Puffer Jackets

While these fluffy jackets were rejected as basic just a few seasons ago, they’re now a key item of any versatile winter wardrobe. They come in full down and mid-weight options: you’ll only need a full down (or down alternative) jacket if you live somewhere particularly cold. The best way to style a puffer jacket is with bottoms that have a very smooth and simple texture, so as not to compete with the texture of the jacket, which, if badly styled, can come across as a little bit too much. Some puffers come with removable sleeves so you can create a vest if the weather doesn’t necessitate full sleeves. Style the vest with a plaid shirt for guys or a lightweight, simple hoodie for girls. Style the full jacket with just about anything you can imagine, as long as the color of the jacket is fairly neutral.


Fleece was bang on trend back when us elder millennials were just wee ones, and now it’s come back around again. The fleece that is on trend this time around, though, is often better engineered and designed with harsh weather conditions in mind. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be cute too! Fleece is the ultimate cozy wear and can be worn indoors, outdoors, or wherever you feel like it. There are versions that might offer less weather protection, like a cropped sweater that would look great with a pair of high-rise jeans. A full fleece sweater or hoodie will look great with leggings and a pair of boots, or Uggs.

The Bucket Hat

We know this isn’t strictly an “outdoor item” if you look at bucket hats as a whole, but we’re referring to the kind of hat your dad used to wear when he went fishing or your mom used to force on you when you went out into the sun as a little one. The bowl is comfy, the brim is wide, and you’ll want to wear this hat with literally everything you own.

Trail Runners

The last decade, more or less, has seen sneakers reign supreme as the king of all footwear. Now the more technical trainers that were previously reserved only for actual training or for dads who just didn’t know that what they were wearing was a fashion faux pas are stepping into the spotlight as a fashionable item. The look is usually streamlined, slim, and aerodynamic, built for trails, and now worn wherever you like. You can style your trail runners with a pair of ankle-grazer jeans or oversized sweats, if you’re going for a more relaxed look.

The hiking pack

There are a number of different kinds of hiking packs, from a full backpack, to a day pack, to a moonbag. The functional and practical fabrics and textures that have been appearing on these pieces for years are now appearing on runways all over the world. The hikermania trend is bringing these fabrics into the everyday wear sphere and we’re here for it! If your pack is a neutral color, it’ll be easy to wear with pretty much anything you own. If your pack is a statement color, we advise wearing it with a simple or monochromatic outfit.

Wrap up

These are the best ways to style your outdoor wear this winter!

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