July 8, 2018

The Irish Fairy Door Company – No More Worries Kit Review

Anybody who know me, knows I am a worrier. I don’t know where I got it from, as both my parents are not over worriers.  But its apart of me and I have to accept it.  As my children are getting older, I have to take into consideration they may become worriers too.  I can already see this in my 8 year old son B.   As W is fast approaching school age, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review a no more worries kit created by The Irish Fairy Door company which I think will be perfect for both of them.

As I know what it is like to worry, I sure as hell don’t want my children to either.  I want to ensure that both B and W can turn to me, or their Dad or any family member to talk about how they feel.  Whenever.  Wherever.  However, sometimes children find that hard.  With encouragement, talking about my own feelings to them and with help from the no worries kit, I hope that my children feel confident to express themselves and share when they feel low or down.The No Worries Kit created by The Irish Fairy Door Company

The No Worries Kit

The No More Worries Kit by The Irish Fairy Door company contains several items.  It contains a Worry Journey, for writing down and thoughts and feelings.  A selection of worry discussion cards, which include a question on each card to use when talking with your child.  And finally, a No More Worries mini plaque, which lets your child put their thumb print on the plaque when they wish to talk to the fairies.  The plaque will turn red when the fairies are listening, and then green when they have heard what your child has said and has taken their worry away.  The fairy plaque has an extendable strap which allows you to attach to your child’s bag, school book bag or similar for when they are out and about.

W close up holding her thump print to the no worries kit plaque

W holding the No worries kit plaque with it turning green

What we love about the No More Worries Kit

A selection of the conversation card inside the No Worries kit

Final Say

When putting it to the test, W really liked putting her thumb print to the plaque.  She was fascinated when it turned green, knowing that the fairies had listened to her.  Although she can only write,  I think it’s still good for her to ‘write down’ or draw her feeling in the no more worries kit journal.  I have explained to B about using the journey too. I feel he will be more likely to use this that the plaque.W writing in her worry journey from the No worries kit

Overall, we have really enjoyed trialling this no worries kit.  We will hopefully continue to be put to good use.  The no worries kit is priced at £17.99.

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*This is a collaborative post.  We were sent out a No More Worries Kit in exchange for this blog post.  All words and opinions are my own*

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12 responses to “The Irish Fairy Door Company – No More Worries Kit Review”

  1. Hannah | MakeDo&Push says:

    What a lovely idea. This would be perfect for my daughter, as she has a tendency to worry a lot xx

  2. What a great idea. I’m a worrier too and I’m always looking out for signs of my girls taking after me. At the moment they don’t, but I would definitely use this in the future if they needed it.

  3. Ami says:

    This is such a wonderful idea! I think I would have loved one if these when I was younger x

  4. Jenni says:

    Oh I really love this. My daughter starts school in September and I think this would be perfect to help her adjust to the big change

  5. Shan says:

    I read another review about these last week and they really do look wonderful! I think both of mine are worry warts but they’ve been through quite a bit! I wish my daughter was younger she would have really loved these. G doesn’t worry about anything yet I think he’s the three sheets to the wind child 😂

  6. I totally get where you’re coming from as I worry about everything!! Maybe I should get this for me!!

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