March 2, 2021

The Soji Towel for you and your family

Who doesn’t love a soft towel?  I do!  Theres nothing quite like a soft towel on your skin, especially when you are looking after your skin and certainly do not want a rough or scratchy towel after a shower.  The problem with many towels is that they simply do not last. More often than not, after some use, towels can turn threadbare, go stiff and are not enjoyable to use.  This is where the Soji towel comes in!  According to Soji towel, these are one of the best and softest towels on the market and are also self cleaning too!  Let’s find out more…


What is a Soji Towel

After over a year in the making, the Soji team are super thrilled to offer customers their new flagship product on Kickstarter.  The Soji towel consists of a range of bath towels and hand woven towels with an antimicrobial silver.  With this element included, it means the towels eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus and even allergens.  Now your asking the question –  But what exactly is antimicrobial silver?  Real silver fibres eliminate 99.9% of microbial life and prevents it from replicating.  Soji is guaranteed to be sterile after EVERY use, even without regular washing.  What is also fantastic to hear is that Soji will also remain odour free.  The silver within the towel is completely hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin and means that it is perfect for all the family to use.

Silver also supports skin health.  And wait for it – it is also know to reduce wrinkles and age lines – hallelujah! It can also reduces inflammation, perfect for people who suffer with acne, skin discolouration and dermatitis.

The silver used is woven into every thread of Soji’s Xinjiang cotton which is incredibly fine.  The cotton is woven twice to offer a denser towel to deliver a softer finish , similar to the feeling of a blanket.  And whilst it may feel like a blanket, that doesn’t mean it isn’t absorbent.   It works far better than a normal towel.  Not only is Soji oversized (who doesn’t love an oversized bath towel) as the towel used Xinjiang cotton, you’ll certainly dry a lot faster than using a normal towel.  It also dries 3 times faster than other towels thanks to its breathable twisted yarn weave.

Using your Soji Towel

Of course, using it at home after washing is great.  But Soji really recommends its consumers to use it whenever you see fit.  As it feels like a blanket you can most certainly use it as one.  Whether you want to keep warm on the sofa or use in the garden whilst having a picnic, soji towels are extremely versatile.

Caring for your Soji Towel

As with other towels, Soji is machine washable foe ease.    It can even be washed at higher temperatures without causing damage or losing its softness.  In fact, it will actually get softer the more you wash it!  Genius!

So if your after a towel with a difference, one that you can use time and time again and even have multiple reasons for use, check out Soji and see what they have to offer!  It certainly sounds appealing!  For more information visit



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