November 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

Decor is more than just assembling pieces that catch the eye. While we are always trying to get the trendiest, priciest, or even the most recommended item; there’s one element that truly makes or breaks the aesthetics of a room: color! 

The color of your walls, your bed linens, your nightstand – they all contribute to either the harmony or the chaos of your space

It’s not just about slapping on a shade of paint from a Pinterest post you admired. It’s about selecting colors carefully, striking a balance between what’s in vogue and what resonates with you. So how do you choose the right color scheme for your bedroom? Here are some tips:

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Bedroom

Choosing the Perfect Bed Color

Traditionally, most beds come in natural wood finishes. The rich browns of oak, walnut, or mahogany are timeless and can lend a warm, earthy vibe to your bedroom. Brown, being neutral, complements a variety of color palettes, ensuring that your bed seamlessly blends with different decor styles.

However, if you’re looking to deviate from the norm and give your room a fresh, airy feel, white is an excellent choice. White beds reflect natural light and make the space feel larger and more open.They also offer a pristine, minimalist appeal; best suited for modern homes.

But if you want something that combines the best of both worlds, consider grey. A grey bed can be the anchor in a vibrant room, bringing balance and sophistication. It pairs beautifully with pastels, deep shades, and even metallic accents, offering unmatched versatility. If grey piques your interest, explore this collection of grey beds to find the perfect fit.

Creating Harmony with Bedroom Furniture

Bedside Tables

While often seen as a mere accessory, a bedside table is also important in defining the bedroom’s overall look. Its color and style can either harmonize with your bed or create an intentional contrast.

For a seamless look, choose bedside tables in the same color as your bed. For instance, if you’ve chosen a deep walnut bed, bedside tables in a similar shade will create a continuous, unified appearance. This approach exudes an atmosphere of cohesion and is often associated with traditional settings.

But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can decide to pair contrasting colors to make your bedside tables pop. A black bed frame with white or light-toned tables, for example, can create a striking visual. This bold choice often resonates with contemporary interiors and can add an unexpected twist to your room.


Similar to beds, wardrobes in natural wood finishes like pine, oak, or teak can provide a classic and earthy vibe. The best colors for wardrobes are neutral shades. White or light grey wardrobes, for example, effortlessly blend into most decors, especially in smaller bedrooms where they can lend an illusion of more space. 

However, if you’re feeling adventurous or want a touch of luxury, darker shades such as black, charcoal, or even deep navy can stand out and make a statement. Just remember to introduce enough contrasting elements in the room to balance it out.

Dressing Tables:

The magic of dressing tables often lies in their mirrors, which naturally reflect light and make spaces feel larger. When it comes to color, tables in lighter shades like whites or beiges can enhance this effect, keeping the focus on the reflection. 

Finding the Right Hue for Your Beddings

Just as you’d pick attire to reflect your style or mood, choosing the right bedding color is crucial for setting the bedroom’s atmosphere.

Neutral-colored beddings, such as beige, taupe, or soft whites, exude a sense of calm and sophistication. They allow other elements in the room – be it art, furniture, or decor – to take center stage. They’re also great for those who love frequently updating bedroom accessories, as neutrals tend to pair well with different colors.

If you love making a statement, bright and bold colors are your best bet. Vivid blues, deep purples, or even radiant yellows can instantly elevate the energy in a room. However, balance is key. If your beddings are bright, consider more muted tones for other elements in the room to avoid visual overload.

The Best Wall Color

The walls of your bedroom act as the backdrop to everything else, influencing the mood and feel of the space. While there’s a rainbow of colors to choose from, neutrals often stand out as the premier choice. Why? 

They exude a timeless elegance and provide a serene canvas that complements any decor and furnishing style.Moreover, neutral tones create an illusion of spaciousness, making your bedroom appear more open and airy.

But this doesn’t mean your walls need to be plain or lack character. You can introduce an accent wall – a single wall painted in a contrasting or bold shade, making it the room’s focal point. 

In addition to paint, you can use wall decals, murals, or even textured wallpapers to further enhance your accent wall. These elements can help tie in the theme, or simply provide a visual break in an otherwise monochromatic setting.

The look and feel of your bedroom doesn’t hinge on expensive items or high-end furniture. The real secret to a beautiful bedroom lies in the color scheme. If you get the colors right, the rest of the room will naturally fall into place. Consider your interests, themes, and most importantly, introduce neutral tones that can adapt to changing preferences and trends.

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