November 13, 2020

Tips for First-Time Travellers to Tokyo

Are you planning to visit Tokyo, Japan, on your next holiday vacation? If your straightforward answer to this inquiry is affirmative, then there are a few things you will need to know before you can embark on your trip.  Tokyo, Japan, is a big city that can get a new traveler stranded.  The city has very many attractions and a huge amount of tourists coming from different parts of the world – it would therefore be a good idea to preplan for your trip Tokyo, Japan.

Read our top tips to help newbies get the best out of travel to Tokyo!  Generally, first-time travellers should at least know the following:

 Have a List of Must-dos and Must See’s While in Tokyo, Japan

Whether you are visiting Tokyo, Japan, for the first time or have been here before, it’s always good to make sure that you have clear goals of  what you want to achieve. In this context, you should define what you where you want to visit and the activities you want to take part in while on your trip.  You don’t want to experience a situation where you will miss some of the most fantastic Tokyo attractions.  We highly recommend you  create your list before leaving home.  Doing so will not only help to maximise your trip but also save both time and resources.

A nighttime view of Tokyo

Pack Lightly

When visiting Tokyo for the first time, it’s good to park light to avoid complicating your experience.  There is no point in bringing large luggage that will add to your costs – think of the primary things you can’t survive without while on your trip to Tokyo.  A few pairs of shoes, trousers/skirts, snacks, etc will be useful. To know how much to pack, first consider how long your trip will last.

Know-How To Communicate With Locals in Tokyo

Before you go to Japan, think of how you will interact with the locals once there.  You will, of course, want to make some fruitful friendships, but it can be quite challenging when you don’t know their language. Whilst the language may be among the limiting factors while on your trip to Tokyo, you should not worry much as the locals understand English.  As you wander around the otherwise colorful city of Japan, you will notice several signs in the English language – clear indications that those who live there understand English, which is super helpful!  Likewise, you will find English menus in almost all the hotels you visit in Tokyo, Japan. 

Travel experts advise you to make sure that you stay conversant with some Japanese phrases. Try to learn some essential Japanese words and phrases – for example, greetings Hello = Konnichiwa.  It will give the locals an impression that you appreciate their beautiful language!

Plan Your Accommodations In Time

If you are looking to enjoy the best deals while on your first trip to Tokyo, Japan, plan your accommodation well in advance.  Begin with the question “where will I stay  when I go to Tokyo” before you can ask, “where shall I go to/what shall I do when I go to Tokyo, Japan’.  Managing everything else will be a bit easier when you have your accommodation booked.  Likewise, booking in advance will help you enjoy the best deals!

Learn About Entry Requirements Before Visiting

Before you can even plan your vacation to Tokyo, Japan, it’s wise  to consider some of the most critical requirements when entering the country,  particularly if you are flying from overseas.  If you fly to Tokyo from the US for no more than three months, no visa entry requirements will be needed.  Different states may have additional entry requirements, so ensure that you are up to speed with all the details.

How Safe is Tokyo, Japan?

Before embarking on your first adventurous trip to Tokyo, Japan, you will want to know how safe the city is.  It worth a note, Japan has the most peaceful people and you’ll be sure to meet people with warm, welcoming smiles and courteous language that will make you feel ‘at home’.  The crime rate in Tokyo is extremely low, so you can walk around to explore with confidence. However, make sure that you don’t expose your valuables and still be mindful of your wellbeing.  Regardless of how safe the city can be, it’s your responsibility to keep your most valuable items, such as credit cards, ID, passport and mobile safe.

Bring Enough Cash To Spend

You don’t want to feel lost while on your vacation to Tokyo, so make sure you will bring enough money. The best thing is to make sure that you have money in the form of cash all the time as most of the places you will only accept cash – there are a few places where you can pay with liquid cash, but for the best experience bring money.  Know how your local currency compares with the Japanese Yen, as this is what will help you plan for how much you will need to bring.

Embrace Public Transportation

As a first time traveler looking to get the best out of your travel to Tokyo, Japan, it’s wise that you embrace public transportation.  There are very many travel options that you can consider; however, some may be costly and won’t allow you to have a magnificent view of the color city – Tokyo. 

Public transport will not only help to save on costs, but they are also safe and reliable.  Public transport also can be enjoyable now that you will be traveling alongside other visitors – it’s a great way to make friends!


As you may have noted from this post, there are very many things to think about when you are planning your first-time trip to Tokyo.  Whilst the list can be endless, the above tips are essential for first-time travellers to Tokyo. 

Keen to visit? Then why don’t you start planning your trip to Tokyo today!   Book your trip with Cathay Pacific for the best travel deals to Tokyo.  Not sure where to travel to?  Read Jess’s top Family Holiday Destinations to visit after lockdown!

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