March 29, 2023

Tips For Having A Safe Campervan Trip

A campervan trip is a truly exciting adventure. These types of holidays can be one of a kind.

For example, you could hire a campervan in Norther Ireland and visit the South all in a family trip. The cost of a campervan Hire NI holiday should work out cheaper than staying in hotels.  For many it is the preferred option as you will find it difficult finding hotel accommodation in most parts of NI. Plenty of BB’s, campervan sites, but not many hotels.

Still, every ambitious voyage must be carefully planned for. Those on a campervan expedition can often feel more vulnerable and exposed on the road as well. There are fewer third parties involved, which means if things go wrong, there’s nobody to blame other than oneself!

That said, if you’re heading off on one of these trips yourself, then understand that there’s nothing to fear so long as you understand the responsibilities ahead of you and do your best to prepare. Here are some tips that should help you enjoy a safer campervan trip without further ado.

Tips For Having A Safe Campervan Trip

Map Your Journey

Some people like to clamber aboard their campervans and hit the road. Whatever happens, happens, and it can be thrilling for those who love to roll the dice.

That said, if you’re too fast and loose with your plans, there’s a bigger chance you’ll end up somewhere you shouldn’t be, especially in a campervan. After all, not all roads or narrow streets will accommodate the size of your vehicle, so avoid them. Steep inclines may also be tough for your campervan to roam over, as they don’t typically pick up much speed. Sharp turns may also be a problem, especially if your vehicle is loaded with heavy goods.

As you can see, there’s a lot to account for here. Appointing a navigator, in general, is a good idea. Try to plan several routes, too, in case you encounter traffic accidents or road closures.

Procure Insurance

You’ll depend heavily upon your campervan for the duration of your trip. There are more than a few things that can go wrong too.

Third-party campervan insurance can cover you for theft, fire, and even any damages you cause to other vehicles. As you might be spending more time behind the wheel than usual, it’s a good idea to have these safety nets in place, just so worst-case scenarios are more easily resolved. Some policies may have additional features, too, covering awnings, misfuelling, and European coverage if you head overseas.

There are many ways to get the coverage you need, so try to secure the best value for your money. Visit a reputable online brokerage where you can compare campervan insurance to ensure you’re getting the best quotes on the market. You only need to fill out a short form, and the service from is highly rated. They also provide further explanations on what you’d be covered for.

Bring Crucial Supplies

When you’re on the road, you can feel invincible and as if you can go anywhere. Those notions are quickly abandoned if you break down in the middle of nowhere or encounter unexpected troubles.

Tyre repair kits and spare headlight bulbs are essential. Additionally, taking a hi-vis jacket is advisable, as you may need to inspect your vehicle in the dead of night after breaking down – we’ve been there!

Furthermore, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms should be onboard, too, should frequently checked. Basic supplies like food and water should also be stocked at all times. First aid kits seem like a common item to take on a campervan tip, but they can easily be forgotten, so make sure you have one.

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