June 23, 2022

Tips for lowering your energy bills in 2022

Could your windows be harming your home?

The windows in your home are probably the last thing you think about when trying to lower your energy bills. While it’s true that climate control, insulation and appliances are essential, windows also have a significant impact on your home. A lot of the energy a home uses is lost through the windows. It’s necessary to pay attention to the windows in your home and consider some of the following questions: – Are your windows energy efficient? – How much warmth does the sun shine through the windows on the hottest and coldest days? – Are your windows adequately sealed against the elements? – Are your windows the best option for your home?

Install window shutters are a great way to reduce your energy bills whilst still creating a beautiful space in your home. Window shutter installations offer many benefits, including stopping the draughts from coming in from your windows, protecting your home from any harsh natural light and keeping your home cool during the summer. Thanks to their insulation abilities, your home will also be kept warm in the winter when you install shutters in your home.

Are you using your appliances too much?

You probably aren’t going to stop using your appliances anytime soon. But you also don’t want to get hit with a high energy bill. Think about how much you’re using your appliances. Do you leave your computer on while you’re not using it? Do you leave your TV on while you’re not watching it? Do you leave your lights on in your bedroom when you sleep? If you answered “yes” to some of these questions, then you might want to look at ways you can start saving energy.

Avoiding your tumble dryer is an effective way of saving on your energy bills in 2022. Tumble dryers are a significant energy consumer, and during the warm summer weather, your clothes are just as capable of drying on a clothes horse or washing line outside. Just making this simple change could save you up to £60 a year. Much like a tumble dryer, your washing machine could also be causing your energy bills to rise. By reducing your temperature to a 30-degree cycle and using your washing machine less, you could save upwards of £28 per year! Lastly, turning your appliances off standby mode could save around £55 per year! Check your manufacturer’s instructions to see whether turning your appliances off at the wall could affect their programming, but most appliances can be switched off entirely without causing a problem.

Be savvy with your water usage

Energy bills have been on the rise for the past few years. With the price of electricity, gas and other fuels being so high, it’s no wonder why people are looking at ways to cut their costs. But what if you could reduce your energy bills without those drastic measures? The simple solution to your energy bill woes could be as simple as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.

By spending just four minutes in the shower, each household could save on average of £70 per year on their water bill. Even better, swapping just one bath a week for a shower could save you £12 per year! While saving money in the bathroom, did you know that overfilling your kettle could cost you more money? Avoid overloading your kettle to save on both your water and electricity bills. Lastly, fitting an aerator on your kitchen tap will reduce the water coming through without affecting any washing or rinsing you need to do! We hope you enjoy these energy and water bill-saving tips for 2022!

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