May 23, 2021

Tips for Raising an Environmentally Conscious Child

The environment is at the forefront of worries for many children today. It’s as easy as it’s ever been to ensure that your own children are environmentally conscious.


What does the term environmentally conscious mean to a child?


Helping children to understand firstly, what we mean by ‘the environment’, then what problems it is facing and finally what we can all do to rectify those problems is the basic starting point for ensuring that your child is environmentally conscious.


Use the term ‘environment’ often when you are out and about with your child. Grab a globe and show them the different oceans and countries and show them where you live. Talk to them about the animals and the trees and plants and where they all live.


Very small children don’t need to be frightened with stark facts about melting ice caps, but they should definitely know a little about de-forestation and why waterways need to be cleaned up. The trick is, to enhance the learning experiences of children as this junior school in London explains.

How to raise an environmentally conscious child three children in a field with the sunset behind them

Start a clean-up in your local area


Most communities have a neglected, messy area. It might be a lane or a stream which has attracted fly tippers or there might be a particular route where rubbish is thrown on the floor.


Gather up some supplies and take your child on a clean-up. You can ask other local parents to join you. Speak to your local Guides, Brownies, Cubs and Scouts – maybe they’d like to help too.


Ensure you help small children and let older children know what not to pick up. Broken glass for example should be dealt with by adults only. Used needles need to be avoided. If you know a local area has used needles in and around it, this is not a good spot for your clean-up. You will need gloves, bags and litter picking tools.


Talk to your child about recycling and the changes we can all make


Discuss  the following –

Ensure your child’s knowledge grows and as they also grow, so will their care for the environment. The more children understand, the safer the planet will be for all future generations.


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