October 18, 2021

Tips on preparing for your new baby

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Expecting a baby can be a daunting prospect. Whether this is your first or not, it is still going to have a huge effect on your life. Your priorities are going to change. Your focus will be on the new-born. Navigating a growing family has its challenges, but you will get through it. It is important that you work together as a family and keep everyone in the loop. If you already have children, perhaps you are worried about how the other child will feel. If this is your first, you will be concerned with what it is actually like to have a baby and whether or not you will be a good parent and are doing everything in your power to make it as good as possible. The good news is that by reading blogs like this, you are already on your way to being a great parent, as you certainly have a commitment to care.

Here are a few tips:   

New born baby on his tummy wrapped in a zigzag blanket

Tell Your Other Children

If you have other children that are over the age of three, you should tell them as soon as possible. Probably towards the end of the first trimester when you will be beginning to show in various ways. Tell your children in an age-appropriate way so that they will understand. Ensure that you are prepared for any sort of reaction too. There could be a whole range of emotions from excitement to fear and shock. So you have to make sure they know that they are still loved and cared for. From that point, it would help if you included them in the pregnancy in any way you see fit, from helping purchase new items to allowing them to get involved in how to throw a baby sprinkle. If you have children under the age of three, telling them later is probably the best idea as they will not grasp the situation as an abstract idea. Maybe when you are in the third trimester and your belly is clearly swollen.

Get Saving

This may be easier to do if this is your first baby, but saving as much money as you can before the baby is born is wise. If you are stuck for space, perhaps selling a few items is a good idea, and ensure that you make use of all the coupons and budgeting tools you can. The more you can save, the easier you will find those first few months. 

Stock Up 

There are definitely going to be a lot of items you need when the baby arrives. It may be an idea to download a baby checklist or create your own and start ticking these items off before the baby arrives. You are going to need some large items such as a crib, pram, baby seat, etc. Maybe you have a lot of these from your other children, maybe not. There are plenty of ways to save on these items by borrowing from friends and searching the second hand market. However, you are also going to need a lot of smaller items like wipes, nappies, clothes, so it is best to start stocking up as early as you can. It may also be a good idea to start stocking up the freezer and food cupboards, as making quick trips to the shop will not be so quick and easy in a few months.

Be Kind to Yourself

It is perfectly natural to worry about everything and feel as if things will go wrong and concentrate fully on the new arrival. However, you need to practice a little bit of self-care. Don’t completely neglect yourself, you are a person too. If you are struggling with pregnancy weight, or are feeling down, this is perfectly natural too. Not everyone is excited the entire time of their pregnancy. Ensure you talk to your partner, so they understand your feelings and mood swings. Perhaps take some time out just for you. What do you enjoy doing? Do not give up everything just because you are pregnant. Although you do need to save, you can spend a little on yourself, here and there. Perhaps a meal out with your partner or seeing friends and family is just what you need. Also, remember that every pregnancy is different. There is no right or wrong on how you should be feeling. But as long as you are doing what you believe is best for your baby and taking care of yourself is part of it, you are already doing a good job. 

What are you top tips for preparing for the arrival of your new baby?

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