May 13, 2022

Top Best Gifts for 5 year old boys

You’ve come across this post purely for asking yourself the question of what to buy a 5 year old boy?  Whether it be for a birthday gift, Christmas or any other celebration, it can be tough to buy the right present for a child!  Being 5 years old is a funny age in that they are no longer a toddler but yet not quite fully grown children!  My 5 year old is a typical boy who is full of energy but thankfully, is interested in many different types of play, including arts and crafts, gaming, educational STEM and sports!

In hindsight, it wasn’t difficult choosing some great gift ideas for my 5 year old as the market is saturated with so much for children.  However, today we have selected our top best gifts for 5 year old boys.  Read on to see what we chose!

Bright Minds Butterfly Garden Kit

We have been literally invested in these caterpillars the last 2 weeks and after some tender loving care (watching them everyday!) we are seeing our caterpillars prepare to turn into Butterflies!  Not only has it been lovely to watch Mr K enjoy this set from Brightminds, it’s going to be lovely to eventually see the butterflies fly off to freedom.  This is a lovely gift for a child aged 5 and over, and is unisex (Missy has loved this also and she is 8!) The gift is educational, fun and has a lovely end result.  It is also completely different to what you might expect when you think of gifts for a 5 year old boy, and plus it’s small and compact and doesn’t clutter the playroom like other toys do!

Brightminds Butterfly Garden Kit

Jaques of London Kids Art Easel

Jaques of London is a lovely family run online store offering classic wooden toys and gifts, which would be perfect for any 5 year old boy.  This Kids Art Easel is perfect for any child that loves art!  On one side is a white board, complete with a white board pen and rubber.  You also get a clip at the top so that paper can be attached and the three paint pots below make for a great paint board too!  The other side offers a chalk board and the set is compete with a selection of chalks too.  My 5 year old boy has been having lots of fun with this, showing off his creative side!

Jaques of London kids art Easel

Jaques of London Wooden Learning Clock with Shape Sorter

We were also impressed with the Wooden Learning Clock.  Mr K is in Reception now and although not quite ready to learn to tell the time, this wonderful wooden toy is great to get him to start to recognise the numbers around the clock.  Not only is this fun with its shape sorters and moving hands, its also super educational which we love.  Although Mr K is a energetic boy, he also LOVES to learn and anything like this he really engages well with.

Teaching wooden clock from Jaques of London

Venon Mini BMX

Here comes the energy!  Venom as a company was set up in 2012 when the founders, a group of extreme sports enthusiasts, came across the high demand and super popularity for mini BMX’s. They immediately fell in love with them and set up Venom, which were arguably the first mass produced mini BMX’s out there.  The Venom Mini BMX offers high quality wheels, bars, seat and frame and is perfect for those who love to show off their skills at the skate park.  There are several colours to chose from (we chose black) and surprisingly only weights 10kg!  The Venom Mini BMX is used by older  children AND adults but can be used from the aged of 5. I was a little worried because it doesn’t have any brakes (which is typical for a BMX bike) however Mr K has got on really well with it and thinks he’s pretty cool.  I would recommend that this bike is purely uses for stunts and not for bike rides for your little one.  As there is no brakes and the seat is tilted, it isn’t suitable.

Venon Mini BMX with 5 year old boy standing next to bike with helmet on in front of a tree

Kids Badminton Set

Another wonderful gift if your 5 year old is sporty!  We have had bags of fun with this kids badminton set.  Perfect for smaller hands, this set is designed for children in mind and is a great way of introducing badminton to your 5 year old.  It comes with a racket case, 2 rackets and 2 shuttlecocks.  Perfect for playing in the garden or taking to your local park, your 5 year old boy would love this in their pile of gifts!

Kids Badminton Rackets make our best gifts for a sporty 5 year old boy

Learning Resources Code and Go Robot Mouse

We love this Code and Go Robot Mouse set from Learning Resources.  Coding is new to us in this house but already, Mr K took to it like a fish to water and we’ve had lots of fun programming Mr Mouse to move around the board by inputting different directions into his body.  Mr K whooped in delight when the mouse finally reached the cheese after lots of instructions!  There is bridges and barriers which you can use to make a maze and the activity cards help guide you to creating your own maze.  Of course, you can be creative and make up your own!  This is a great toy for introducing coding to your 5 year old and is ideal for STEM learning.  Another great way to get the kids away from screens too!

Learning Resources Code and Go Robert Mouse makes our top gifts for a 5 year old boy

And there you have it! Our top best gift ideas for 5 year old boys.  Do you have any to add to our list?  Leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading xxx


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