December 9, 2020

toucanBox Review – A Kids Craft box

toucanBox Review

My youngest two children aged 6 and 3 love arts and crafts.  So when toucanBox offered to send out a couple of their kids crafts subscriptions boxes, I jumped at the chance for them to experience it and share with my readers.  With the second lockdown leaving us and being in a Tier 3 area, staying at home seems to be on our agenda more than ever.  Therefore, sourcing arts and crafts kits to keep the kids entertained is high on my agenda at the moment!  As soon as the toucanBox’s arrived, I knew the kids were gong to love them!

toucanBox is a bright and colourful box review

toucanBox Review – How to order

So, the first question on my peoples lips is how do you order a toucanBox?  It’s really easy and you as parents also have some control over what goes inside the box!  Simply chose from which subscription of toucanBox suits you, then pick out two crafts from the selection on offer to suit your child’s age range.  This is great as my 6 year old is a lot more hands on when it comes to arts and crafts and therefore can opt for a more advanced activity than for my 3 year old.  I loved how they offered this! You can chose from age ranges:

3-5 years

3-8 years

5- 8 years

As we got the two boxes sent for review, we had 2 sets of crafts that were both the same but also within their age range.  Once youve chosen the crafts that will be included in your child’s toucanBox, you then will see that you also get a magazine and some stickers within each subscription.  I am always a bit dubious about kids magazines as most of the time, they are full of rubbish and never get used.  How I was wrong!

toucanBox and magazine review

toucanBox Review – what was inside our box!

As soon as the kids saw their boxes there were immediately excited.  Brightly coloured, a decent size and with their names on the front, they couldnt wait to rip it open and find out the contents.  What’s even more exciting it that each toucanBox is like a present.  On the front, there was a section for the kids to rip open, a bit like an advent calendar.  Inside was a little toucanBox magnet, which went straight on the fridge. Then, each craft is behind a larger window, which the kids loved ripping open to reveal the contents!  Inside we were given:

– Iceberg Bobbing Walrus Craft

– Design your own Gingerbread House

– toucanBox Magazine and stickers

When Missy and Baby K saw their boxes they immediately wanted to rip open the box to see what was inside – they loved the secret compartment in the middle!  We then began craft 1 – our bobbing walrus craft.  Each craft comes with easy instructions in a manual.  Each step is clearly explained with pictures too, to help the children attempt to follow independently.

The contents of the toucanBox are behind secret compartments

Iceberg Bobbing Walrus Craft

Inside our walrus craft, which was individually packaged was ALL the materials to make it (even glue!) The kids loved how there was painting involved and got to work straight away!  It’s worth a note that this toucanBox craft was aimed at children 3-8.

Iceberg bobbing walrus craft toucanBox Review

My 3 year old definitely needed assistance with this, but Missy who is 6 cracked on, with some support from me.  They really loved completing this and found it hilarious when turning the cog to watch the walrus bob up and down.   They now both have their walrus sitting on their shelves in their bedrooms, pride of place!  Overall, this craft entertained them for about 1 hour before we had a break for lunch.

Painting our craft inside our toucanBox

Completed iceberg bobbing walrus craft toucanBox review

Gingerbread House Craft

After lunch, we tackled their gingerbread houses.  They loved doing this as it felt very Christmassy and involved glue and glitter (all provided of course!)  This craft is aimed at children 3-8 and again Baby K needed more assistance.  Missy watched me helping him whilst she followed along.

Gingerbread craft for kids toucanBox

In some areas, such as slotting the sections of the gingerbread house into the grooves was proving to be a little tricky but we got there in the end.  They particularly loved how the gingerbread man sits inside the house and you can pull him in and out of the door to peek and say hello!  This craft also comes with a little working light, which is lovely when they are in their rooms and have it switched on – so festive!

Build your own gingerbread house arts and crafts toucanBox review

This craft took about 1 hour to complete and both were fully engaged throughout.

Building their gingerbread arts and crafts activity toucanBox

finished arts and craft gingerbread house toucanBox

toucanBox Magazine

I was pleasantly surprised with the toucanBox Magazine – it doesn’t have a million and one pages, but it doesn’t need to.  Missy LOVED completing all the activities inside and has returned back to the magazine several times.  There is a double page spread which turns into a reindeer board game.  It’s super simple but all three of my children have enjoyed playing it and it really reminded me that sometimes, we just need simple games rather than spending a fortune on extravagant and difficult board games.  Inside there is also a competition, recipe and stickers to use throughout.

toucanBox and Magazine review

toucanBox Review – final thoughts

Overall, I am super impressed with the toucanBox and all its contents.  I love how you can chose the two crafts within each subscription box depending on the age of your child.  Both craft activities kept them entertained for most of the afternoon and the toucanBox Magazine was (and still is!) a huge hit with Missy.  I was really impressed with the packaging and I think the price is fair, starting from £5.95 per box depending on what monthly subscription you chose.   If you wish to purchase a box get a special discount of 50% off, visit ToucanBox here!

Thanks for reading xxx

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