August 17, 2022

Travelling with your Dog: Tips for a Relaxing Holiday

Most owners see their dog as an important member of the family, which they obviously want to take on their holidays as well. This is understandable. Long journeys and an unfamiliar environment are however associated with great stress for the animal. In order to avoid problems on your holidays and to make the trip pleasant for humans and dogs alike, dog owners should therefore consider a few things.

Dog against a brick wall

Choose a dog friendly destination

If you are a dog owner, it is not enough to simply book a hotel that you like. Instead, when planning your holidays, you need to find a travel destination that is specifically dog-friendly.

Your four-legged friend must be welcome in the accommodation and there should also be opportunities to go for a walk in the vicinity. In practice this shouldn’t be a problem, but you can’t just assume that every holiday destination is equally suitable for dogs.

Don’t forget the European Pet Passport on overseas trips

If you want to travel to another EU country with your dog, you need a so-called European Pet Passport for the four-legged friend. It contains data about the animal as well as its owner. In order for the passport to be issued, your dog must be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

Essential Travel Gear for Dogs

When exploring unfamiliar surroundings or bustling new cities on your holiday, it’s essential to equip your dog with the right gear. A particular accessory to look for would be a strong, durable dog leash. This isn’t just a toy or a trinket; it is a safety measure that provides you with control in unpredictable environments. This simple preparation step can greatly enhance the travel experience for both you and your adventurous canine companion.

Regular breaks during the journey

Depending on the distance of the holiday destination, the journey can sometimes take many hours. Keep in mind that this is very exhausting and stressful for the dog.

You should therefore take regular breaks so that your four-legged friend can do some exercise and relieve itself if necessary. Also, make sure that your dog has access to plenty of fresh water and some food during the journey.

No experimenting with new food while on holidays

You are probably looking forward to trying out different dishes on your holidays that you would normally not have at home. With your dog it is however different. The holiday is definitely the wrong time to try something new and to change the food when it comes to dog nutrition.

It is better to take enough of the food that your four-legged friend is used to with you. This way you avoid the additional stress associated with changing food and reduce the likelihood of unnecessary digestive problems.

Create a familiar environment

The more familiar items your dog has on holidays, the easier it will be for it to acclimatise. Make sure you take their favourite toy, food and drink bowl, bed or at least blanket with you.

These things may seem trivial to you. For your dog, however, they can make an enormous difference when on holidays and contribute decisively to making your four-legged friend feel comfortable.

Pay attention to your four-legged friend

Your dog is no doubt happy to be with you. Nevertheless, the unfamiliar surroundings while on holidays can be unsettling and make it particularly clingy.

Therefore, make sure that you pay your four-legged friend enough attention and also take their needs into account during your joint holiday. After all, all two- as well as four-legged tourists should get their money’s worth and be able to enjoy the time.

Natural support for the immune system and against stress

The stress associated with the holiday can put a strain on the dog’s immune system. To counteract this, it makes sense to offer special food supplements to strengthen the immune system and reduce stress.

High-quality preparations that are ideally suited for this purpose can be found, for example, in the dog food range from Bellfor, which includes two food supplements for dogs based on shiitake, Shiimun Immun and Shiimun Calm.

Both products contain only natural ingredients. Shiimun Immun provides your four-legged friend with numerous valuable nutrients for a strong immune system and the unique composition of Shiimun Calm helps your dog to calm down more easily in stressful situations.

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