November 5, 2023

Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide that kids will love!

No matter what time of the year you start shopping for Christmas gifts, it can feel tricky when you have multiple children to buy for.  As I have three children I thought it was be great to draw up a Christmas gift guide to help any readers who may be finding it a struggle in the lead up to Christmas!

My children are now aged 6, 9 and 13 so I decided to offer a mix and variety of ideas.  I’ve included some fun gifts, educational gifts too and ones we can enjoy as a whole family.  With that in mind, read on and have a browse through my ultimate Christmas Gift Guide that kids will love!

Gift from the Elves

Whether you have elves in the house or not, or you prefer to offer a ‘December gift’ for your children to use throughout the month in the lead up to Christmas, then the Elfland Buddy’s Christmas Treat box is the place to start.  This gift box is brimming with lovely items to please your little ones in the lead up to Christmas and includes:

– Self Heating Eye Masks

– Magical Wish Wand and Spell

– The Lost Wish book

– Elfland Activity book and crayons full of 30 puzzles

– Buddy’s Hide and Seek game

– Buddy the soft plush dog

– Audio downloads

This is so beautifully done and like the box states, really captures the spirit of Christmas!

RRP: £59

Available from Sensory Retreats

Elfland buffy's Christmas Treat box

Games for all the family

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a classic board game, this game has many variations and is one of the most popular games to date!  The game is a cross country train/bus adventure where players collect cards where they can claim railway/bus routes.  This is the London version as my kids love London as do I!   It is also based in the 70’s around fashion and music!  A fab game to play on Christmas Day and is loads of fun for children aged 8 plus!

Ticket to Ride London Family Game in Christmas Gift Guide

Screwball Scramble 2

Who remembers playing this game as a child?  It was to my delight when I realised that the game is now upped a Level and is offering Screwball Scramble Level 2.  Not only will this game please all three of my children aged 4, 7 and 11, but will be perfect for us all to join in too.  The game consists of take a marble ball around 10 challenges around the board.  The sequel to The Original Screwball Scramble looks to be even more exciting and will no doubt bring some good family fun over Christmas.   What I also love about this game is that it can be played solo or as a family.  And if you have the Original Screwball scramble, you can connect it together to make a giant game!

RRP: £20 – £22.99
Suitable for ages 5+.
Stockists include:
 Smyths, Argos, Tesco, Hamleys, Amazon, Very, Costco, Next, Sainsburys, Selfridges, Entertainer, The Range, WHSmith, John Lewis, Indies

Screwball Scramble 2 for children christmas presents

Shut The Box – 12 numbers

This fun and exciting dice game is again, another ‘go to’ that will be great to play as a family, in particular with our eldest son who is 11.  The historical game is apparently traced back to 19th century France and is not only educational but fun and is perfect to play solo or more players.  I have heard about this game on and off over the years and how simple but great it can be, as well as perfect to take on your travels.  I am really looking forward to playing this over Christmas!

RRP: £14.99

Available from Jaques of London 

Jaques of London Shut the box Family Game for Christmas

Upside Down Challenge Game

This board game is for 7 year plus and one that will thoroughly be enjoyed by all the family this year!  It involves completing a set of challenges but  whilst wearing upside down goggles!  Don’t only will this bring a barrel of laughs, it’s a game that will please all ages!  Sounds fun!

RRP: £19.99

Available from Smyths

For more ideas on family gifts, check out Me, Him, The Dog and The baby and their latest gift guide!

Upside Down Challenge Game including close up of goggles

Games for Teens

So Wrong its Right

So Wrong its Right is a trivial game with a difference! It’s a fast-thinking game with up to 5 answers per question with action cards dictating how players must answer the question. The first player to call out the correct answer first wins the round.  The options per question are ‘Got it’, ‘Flip it’ ‘Switch it’, ‘Ditch it’ or ‘Not it’.  Each game takes approx 30 minutes of play time and it is worth noting this game is recommended for players aged 12+.

So wrong its right trivial game


Play Tug! like never before! This immersive trivial game is perfect for teenagers this Christmas.

Tug! is the ultimate team-based battle that will challenge both your intellect and your nerve. With an easy-to-understand concept, this game ensures that everyone can get involved, making it the perfect choice for a family game night  this Christmas. One of the standout features of Tug! is that the game unfolds within the confines of its own box, which transforms into a captivating tug of war arena. Complete with a suspended rope and a flag, it’s a unique setup that adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, which will no doubt please the teens in the house!  It’s super easy to learn and each game is quick, meaning nobody gets bored.

Tug! is available now and can be purchased on various retail partners £19.99 RRP Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, WHSmith

Tug! Family board game for Christmas

Confident? Game

From the makers of Tug! brings you Confident? a party game for all the family this Christmas.CONFIDENT? is a highly entertaining family party game with questions like ‘How many slices in a loaf of bread? ‘. But instead of giving exact answers, you GUESS with a RANGE. The smaller your range, the more you score.  The addictively simple concept means you can open the box and play straight away, and adults & kids want to play again & again. It’s couch-friendly – no small pieces, just sit back and play. Available from Argos for £23.99

Confident? A family board game for Christmas


Wheels: The Big Fun Book of Vehicles

If you have a child who loves cars, trucks, buses and pretty much anything with wheels, then this is the book for you!  This super sized book is perfect this Christmas to treat that child in your family with a love for vehicles.From prehistoric carts to cars of tomorrow, this big, fun book takes a historic journey through a world where everything has wheels, from the Trojan horse to the Harley Davidson; from the stagecoach and the steam train to the Vespa and the Ferrari; from skateboards to electric scooters.

Every spread of this deliriously entertaining and educational book is filled with Tom Schamp’s quirky and colorful art. His sly, subtle texts will make older readers smile. Younger readers will return again and again to these playfully crowded pages to discover what different countries’ emergency vehicles look like; to learn about buses of every imaginable dimension and weight; and to choose which bike they’d use to win a race.

RRP: £19.99

Find at various stockists

Wheels Book the big fun book of Vehicles for children

Big Book of Fun – Bridget and Ginger

Its always lovely to offer a book for Christmas and this Big Book of fun (and it’s big in size too!) is perfect for those who love to read!  The fact that it features two sausage dogs is perfectly niche for us as my daughter loves sausage dogs!  This book is great for children of pre school age and contains three separate stories as well as activities, puzzles, games, drawing, colouring AND stickers – phew!  That’s all included in the book which makes an amazing gift alone.  The book is full of 88 fun pages so you can be guaranteed it’s going to keep the little ones entertained for some time!

RRP: £9.99

Available direct from their website

Big Book of Fun Bridget and Ginger

My First Adventure Book

My First Adventure books are books with a different, where the reader can decide on the adventure!  We chose Finding the Dragon, which is full of thrills, exciting imagery and lots of fun!  As you navigate the journey though the book , you can select three different characters but using an innovative wheel design as you turn the pages and decide what happens next!  We really love this as it’s great for your child to make choices through their adventure in the book and it makes every read different! We also found it really reasonably priced.

RRP £17.90

Available from all good hobby stores

My first adventure: Finding the Dragon Christmas Gift Guide Review

Personalised Night ZooKeeper Book

Wow!  We love anything personalised and our review of the Night Zookeeper: escape from Conform Prison is on the blog.  We love this as this is the first book to feature a drawing from your child, who they get to name and give it a skill, which will determine the storyline.  This book is great for an imagination as it is a ‘create your own adventure’ meaning the reader can chose what happens!  It’s a big thumbs up from us!

RRP: £18.99-£24.99

Available direct from their website.

Night Zookeeper book on bed with teddy review

Photo Book

For some children, memories are everything!  So have you thought about a photo book for Christmas? This can be a lovely family gift for those who love to look back on the adventures they have been on or the time they have spent together!  This is the perfect sentimental gift.

Educational Toys

Plus-Plus Tubes

If your child is really creative, these plus plus tubes are perfect for children over 5 years old who love to build and make! Offered in various tube sizes and even in neon, these are great for developing a child’s imagination, and fine motor skills. We think this is the ultimate boredom buster and a toy that can get the whole family involved! If your new to Plus Plus, they offer a variety of STEM/STEAM building packs which will appeal to any aged child!

RRP from £6.99

Available from Amazon

Plus Plus Basic Tube Christmas Gift Guide for children

Plus-Plus Puzzle by Numbers

If your child would prefer to follow a pattern, rather than free build, these plus plus puzzles are great!  Available in various designs such as unicorn, rocket, peacock and rainbow, these plus plus puzzles are again, great for children who are creative.  The plus plus pieces easily lock together and offer hours of fun and learning.

RRP: £22.99

Available from Amazon

Plus Plus by Numbers Unicorn design Christmas gift guide for children

Orchard Toys – Alphabet Lotto

Is anyone else obsessed with Orchard Toys?  We have had several games over the years from Orchard Games and I’ve always been so impressed with the quality and how educational and fun the games are.  We recently offered a giveaway with Office Stationery where we featured this game and I knew it had to be included in our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Kids.  This game is perfect for children aged 3-6 so is fantastic for my younger two and I always love to play along, as they’re simple and also really educational too.

RRP: £10-£20

Available from: Orchard Toys, Office Stationery, Amazon, The Entertainer 

Alphebet lotto game for a Christmas gift

Ryder’s Alphabet Tablet

If you have Paw Patrol fan’s and are looking for an educational toy then this might be for you.  This is an interactive tablet which allows your little ones to learn along with Ryder and the pups.  My youngest is now 4 years old and as he is in Reception, he is learning new phonic sounds and LOVES to learn.  This is perfect for little learners and is a great way for your child to learn new sounds, recognise the alphabet and early word recognition.

RRP £18.99

Available from John Lewis

paw patrol ryders alphabet tablet featured in our Kids ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Fun Gifts

Puffin Rush

Not only is this a fantastic game for kids, it was designed by a 9 year old, making this game even more special! This game is a simple but fun board game for all the family, which involves each player attempting to find a fish, eat it and get yourself to your puffin home!  But as with any game, there are some challenges to encounter along the way.  Using 6 by 6 grid of tiles, place these on a table and give each player a puffin and an ice float. On each turn, each player must do an action of either moving their ice float or moving on to a tile.  This is where you will discover lots of animals!

This game is great fun and quick and easy to learn!

RRP: £9.95

Available from Foul Play Games

puffin rush an arctic animal adventure

Soppycid Bath Toy

If your little one loves the bath, these super cute and fun bath toys might make their list.  Spooycid is the number 1 reusable water balloon brand in the world and are super popular with many families.  Not only are they safe, durable and offer hours of fun in the water, they are also mould free, meaning you can open up the toy to ensure it is always clean and free of dirt.


Available from Amazon

Soppycid bath toys for Christmas Gift Guide

PopHeads® Disney: 3D posters

If your child is a fan of Disney, then this stocking filler that might be an idea to consider!  Choose from Disney or Disney Princesses,  your child can use the guides within the book to make 4 Life-lite characters.  The instructions are super easy to follow and is a lovely activity to do together.  The book also includes some lovely activities as well as the posters!

© Disney © Disney/Pixar

RRP: £9.99

Available from The Works

Fungi Frankie

Fungi Frankie is simply a singing mushroom but will no doubt have all your children in stitches as it sings and sways along to your favourite music.  This is a great stocking filler or if you are gifting for a child who loves anything that sings and dances!  This is one to really make you laugh this Christmas!

RRP: £14.99

Available from WHSmith

Wooden Tool Kit

With a 4 year old boy who continually want’s to get involved in Daddy’s DIY, this wooden tool kit from Jaques of London is a perfect gift.  What I love about wooden toys is that they are long standing, durable and reduces the amount of plastic in our home.  Wooden toys are always a really lovely gift and you can be guaranteed that this is made out of 100% FSC approved wood. As you can see, it features bright colours and lots of lovely tools and nuts and bolts to keep the little one busy!

£34,99 (sale on now reduced to £19.99!)

Available from Jaques of London

Jaques of London wooden work bench for Christmas

Freak Shake Set

My eldest LOVES milkshakes so if you have a child that loves them, then this is a lovely little gift set.  The Freak Shake set consists of a Milkshake mason glass jar, reusable straw, chocolate flavour milkshake mix, sprinkles, Nutella spread and mini mallows.

RRP: £4.99

Available from B&M Bargains

Chocolate Freakshake set from B&M bargains

Science Mad Digital Metal Detector

This light weight and sturdy detector is perfect for those kids who love the outdoors and would love to go hunting for ‘treasure!’  This is a fun outdoor toy that will bring hours of fun for all the family when heading to the park (or even in the garden) to go and hunt for what is hidden in the ground.  It’s digital, has sensitivity and volume control, has LED lights and even audio alerts!  The detector has a double detector search coil too, making it even easier to find some coins, mental objects or even treasure!

RRP: £24.99

Available from Very

Childrens metal detector for our Christmas Gift guide

Gaming Gifts

Goodmans Gaming Speakers

Our eldest loves his console so these gaming speakers would be perfect for any child who loves gaming.  These are compatible with Xbox One, PS4/5, Switch, PC/Laptop and even a mobile.  The gaming speakers are 6 watts output and are colour changing, making it a fun and quirky gaming gift.  The set is complete with 2 speakers and according to the instructions are easy to set up!

RRP: £10

Available from B&M Bargains

Goodmans Gaming Speakers for that untimate Christmas gift guide

Outdoor Gifts

SFR Vision Rollerskates

Looking for an outdoor gift for someone?  These SFR Vison roller skates are the latest design to join the collection and are perfect to open on Christmas morning.  Ranging from size Junior 11 up to size 6, these are hugely popular with boys and girls at the moment and is great for encouraging outdoor play.  Offering a padded comfy boot, with an ankle strap for support, they also come with colour co-ordinated laces and a gorgeous sheen finish. They also feature high grip and quality PU skate wheels for the ultimate response.

RRP: From £37.95

Available from Skates

Home Gifts

Moshulu Slippers

I always think a new pair of slippers or fresh Christmas Pyjamas is always a win for a Christmas present for your child this festive season.  And I am lusting over these beautiful robust slippers from Moshulu.  Offering a variety of different styles, Moshulu are comfortable, colourful and especially designed for little feet. Made from high quality material and offering slippers in either mule style, fluffy, slipper, or ballet, there is a whole host of different styles and colours to choose from. Perfect for a gift under the tree this Christmas!

Boy Mule slippers Christmas Gift Guide for kids

Spotty Mule slippers from Moshulu for girls

Ink and Drop Prints

Ink and Drop are an online print store than offers a whole host of prints perfect for kids bedrooms/playrooms or nurseries.  I immediately spotted this sausage dog print which I know Missy will love for her bedroom.  The prints are on excellent quality printed paper and you can change your order according to what size print you want, whether you want frames or prints on cushions or even on a canvas.  The website is currently offering a discount code when you sign up to their newsletter and don’t forget to check out their black Friday deals!

RRP: Prints range from price

Available from Ink and Drop

Ink and Drop prints including a sausage sog wearing pink glasses

And there we have it!  Do you have any fabulous ideas to add to our list?  I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading xxx


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