January 31, 2022

Useful Tips for planning a wedding

There is a lot, and I mean A LOT to think about when planning a wedding.  Whether it be a small affair or a huge party with friends and family, you will want your day to run as smoothly as possible.  And that takes planning.  Read our article on our top useful tips for planning a wedding to help you plan yours!

Couple in wedding dress and suit with hands together to form a heart at their wedding

Pick a Venue

When I was first planning our wedding, I remember that selecting the right venue was at the top of the list.  We selected three venues in total and visited them all, to give us an idea of what we wanted, where we wanted it and what budget we had to play around with.  Choosing your perfect venue will also help determine many other things which will contribute to your wedding such as your chosen date, times, number of guests allowed and cost.

Set a budget

Once you have chosen your venue you will know what amount of wedding budget you have to play with.  Of course, if your venue is pretty lavish and costly, it may mean that you have to cut back on numbers to ensure that you can actually have your perfect venue.  Prefer to have a larger wedding?  They go back to the drawing board and select different venues to view again.  But I can assure you, once you’ve found the perfect wedding venue, you’ll know exactly want can and cannot be sacrificed!

Use a wedding planner

I don’t mean the kind who you pay for.  Be the wedding planner yourself and buy the perfect notebook which can hold all the important information.  I had a folder which contained print outs, contact details, ideas, collages.  You name it, it was in there!  I called it our wedding bible as it was so important I had it all in one place.  It’s also great for booking appointments such as meeting a photographer, wedding cake maker etc.

Wedding Show

If you can search for any local wedding shows, its a great way to meet some businesses who could help out with your wedding.  We visited several smaller ones at local hotels and met up with entertainment organisations, car rental companies and even got to try some wedding cake!  You can really tick off some important things on your list whilst visiting a wedding show.


It may not seem as important as booking other vital things for your wedding, but what about selecting the perfect jewellery? If your having something bespoke made, you’ll want to get that booked quickly as it can take time to make such high end jewellery.  She Said Yes offer some lovely mossainte bridal sets and classic wedding rings for you to peruse.


Do you have a theme you want to follow?  Whether it be a colour scheme, something sentimental or something fun and wacky, there are loads of ideas to come up with that suit your needs.  We chose a brown and baby pink theme from the offset, meaning all our table and flowers were themed around pastel colours, and I also made my own wedding stationery in these colours too!  We also love alternative ideas for themes, such as beef jerky flowers instead of using real flowers!

Personal Touches

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, don’t forget the smaller, sentimental touches like incorporating customized wedding handkerchiefs. These can be beautifully embroidered with your wedding date or a personal message, offering a keepsake for you and your loved ones. It’s a charming way to add a personal and emotional touch to your special day, perfect for drying happy tears during the ceremony or speeches.

Wedding dress/suits

Trying on different wedding dresses gives you a great idea of what looks good on you as well as what you feel comfortable in!  I tried on many dresses but went back to the first one I ever tried on!  It was perfect and I loved the style.  But I think it’s important to try on different styles to give you a better idea of what is perfect for your figure.

As you can see, there is a lot of think about and so much more I could write!  It can be a fun (and stressful time) but with the right planning, it can work out very well.

Thanks for reading xxx

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