December 6, 2019

Ways to make your house a home

We’ve been in our family home now for 7 years – wow how does time fly!  When we first moved in, the home was decorated with cream wallpaper, and tan coloured carpets.  This meant that this was a great way of seeing potential when it came to decorating.

We’ve carried out many renovations over the years, including a garage conversion, a new kitchen and a downstairs toilet and playroom – it’s been a shuffle of rooms until we found out what we loved, and what worked but we eventually got there – with a lot of blood sweat and tears included!

So, what can you do to make your house a home?  There are many ways in which you can make your house a home, however big or small.  I’ve decided to reflect back on what we did, and offer you an insight into ways to help you on your home journey.  What’s important to remember is that every person has a different opinion on home style, so therefore listen to yourself and go with your heart and what will make you feel relaxed and happy.


Furniture plays a huge part in your home decor, and it’s almost a trend now to not match and go alternative when it comes to sideboards, bedside tables and dining tables.  However, work with what your style is, and don’t follow the trend, just because you feel you have to.  Check out Pintrest or instagram for inspiration and set yourself a colour scheme.  Once you have a colour, you’ll know what furniture will fit for that style.

Small touches

Whether its adding some indoor plants, ornaments or simply updating your skirting board, these simple changes can completely transform a room.  I am forever repainting my skirting boards as despite them not being at eye level, my eyes always draw to them and I think it’s important to keep them clean and tidy (with three kids I often have marks on them!)  Torus Skirting boards are a great timeless design that can be provided across several different styles, if you wish to change up the look of your skirting boards.

Lick of Paint

Whether you prefer wallpaper or paint, a fresh lick of paint can really brighten up any room of your home. Consider what colours you love, and perhaps incorporate them into your styling.  Consider which rooms get the most light, coincide this with your furniture choice and where you’ll be spending most of your time.


Lighting is so important for making a cosy setting.  No one wants to sit in a room with a blaring light on, so for me choosing the right lights for the right room is the way forward.  If your looking for a warmer feel, consider a warmed tone light with a dimmer.  Perhaps consider how many individual lights you also need in a room, to get the right level of lighting.

Personal photos

For me, a house isn’t a home without memories.  And whilst you are creating a space to make memories in, how about adding in some personalised photos and art work to really personalise your home.  Are walls and shelves are covered in photos, canvases or mementos, which I just love and makes me feel happy to be surrounded by lovely memories.

What makes your house a home?  I hope these tips have helped to inspire you in making your home a more personal!

Thanks for reading xxx

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3 responses to “Ways to make your house a home”

  1. Matt says:

    Some great ideas there to improve your home!

  2. Simone Ribeiro says:

    Some great ideas here! Thanks for sharing. We are going to move out this year and I am looking forward to give my personal touch to the new home!

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