June 20, 2023

What are CBD benefits for athletes?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is said to have many benefits to support and enhance sporting activities. In addition to its muscle-relaxing properties, which promote recovery, it can have a beneficial effect upstream, as it encourages concentration and letting go. In this article, we look at its various benefits and how you can start supplementing with CBD.

And if you want to learn about CBD laws in Ireland and Europe, follow this link.

Why do CBD and sports go so well together?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is said to have several benefits that accompany and enhance sporting activities. In addition to its muscle-relaxing properties, which promote recovery, it can have a beneficial effect upstream, as it encourages concentration and letting go.

CBD in a nutshell

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural molecule extracted from one of the subspecies of hemp, Sativa. It differs from cannabis, which is extracted from another subspecies of hemp, in that it contains a tiny amount (0.2%) of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore has no psychotropic effects, making it legal for consumption in France.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system. This system comprises receptors that act on the nervous and immune systems. The role of cannabinoids is to activate and stimulate these receptors, thereby working on various issues such as pain, concentration and hormone regulation.

CBD and sport

The sport combines physical and psychological aspects. The whole point of CBD is that it acts on these two elements at the same time. This is what makes CBD your ally in sports.

Its muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving properties are of great interest after sports as part of sports recovery. CBD also has relaxing and anti-stress properties, which are of interest in the context of sports preparation, particularly a few hours before an important competition.

We’ll come back to this later in the article, but it’s important to point out that CBD is not considered a doping product by the World Anti-Doping Agency. You can therefore use it as part of a competitive or even professional sporting activity.

The benefits of CBD in physical preparation

Physical preparation covers both physical and psychological aspects. It involves protecting the body and preparing the mind for the sport.

CBD is the thing for you if you’re preparing for a specific sporting goal, such as running a marathon! It has several interesting aspects:

– improving sports recovery so that you can continue training after training;

– limiting muscular injuries (strains, tendonitis, etc.)

– reduce the aches and pains from repetitive exercises and training sessions.

As part of your physical preparation, we recommend that you take CBD as a cure, using CBD oil.

The benefits of CBD for physical recovery

CBD is also of interest after your sporting activities. It is renowned for its ability to boost physical recovery. This is thanks to three of its characteristics.

First, CBD is a muscle relaxant. It limits the cramps, contractures and aches that can cause pain and discomfort after sport.

CBD also reduces the pain felt by the body. This will make the post-sport period easier for you!

Finally, its relaxing properties can help to bring down your adrenaline and excitement levels, which have skyrocketed due to sports and the stress of competition and performance. As a result, you’ll be better able to rest and take a step back more quickly afterwards.

The benefits of CBD for sports recovery

CBD is recommended for most sporting activities, whether gentle or intensive, individual or collective, for personal or competitive purposes.

Taking CBD is particularly interesting in personal practices such as yoga, pilates or dance because it boosts concentration and makes it easier to record positions and choreographies. It will also allow you to let go, which is necessary for these practices, and help you to anchor yourself in the present.

In the more intense and competitive sports of running, basketball and swimming (and many others besides!), CBD has all the benefits described above:

– improving performance by allowing you to let go before significant competitions;

– enhanced sports recovery so that you can follow up on training sessions more effectively

– limiting muscular injuries (strains, tendonitis, etc.) over the long term

Last, you should always and only buy CBD products from a reliable company such as JustBob.shop. That is the best way to enjoy CBD benefits fully.

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