November 5, 2020

What are the best Textile and Fabric related start ups?

Imagine having a booming business in the near future; being financially independent and having your own time is just beyond what we all could hope for.  In this time of internationally interconnected economy, we just all want to start having our own business, may it be online or having a pop up store at home.

Textiles and fabrics are by far one of the leading products in the global market today. When you want to start a business with fabrics, you should always think of cost and the effort you do for your products; it should weigh equal or even higher to what you are actually getting from your business.

Here, we go through the best fabric related start-ups that you could venture into when you want to start your textile and fabric selling.


One of the most overlooked uses of fabrics is it being used for curtains. We may not observe it everyday but curtains are actually a staple in every household you can find. Now, curtain can be seen almost everywhere and are commonly used in houses, hotels, and even offices.  Curtain fabrics are now produced more and more as demands are also getting higher. When you want to have a start-up with fabrics, you can first consider curtain selling.  Unlike doing fabrics for fashion where you spend a lot of time for one dress, producing curtains saves more effort and time. Curtains are one of the easist fabric to manufacture as it does not need a lot of sewing because it is mainly used from drapes and window treatments; it doesn’t need a lot of cuts and measurements.

Curtain fabric in blush pink - what are the best textile and fabric related start ups

Curtain startups are actually good for those wanting to venture into a business as fabric mills and shops are very much at reach. Being easily and cheaply produced, curtain fabrics may be the best start up for your if you want to enter the textile and fabric market.


Instead of consumers buying brand new sofas and couches for their living rooms, people are now able to choose to upholster their old seats.  People don’t need to spend too much money purchasing a new furniture just because they got tired of the old one; nowadays people tend to get creative and practical at the same time. Maybe you did not see it coming but textiles are now increasingly used in upholstery.

Fabrics are not just used for curtains and carpets, it’s also used to be sat on. Upholstery can be one of the best textile and fabric start ups  that you can set forth. You don’t need to really get into carpentry and do upholstery yourself, still you can start with supplying fabrics for those who upholster. Maybe when the time comes, you’d also get into having a business that both supplies the fabrics and at the same time does upholstery. You just need to take it slowly and gradually learn from your day to day experiences.

These are just 2 of the best fabric start up when you want to venture into textile and fabric business. You just need to remember to have it small because you’re just starting.

When you also want to look for a fabric shop to supply the textiles and fabrics for your business, you can look up the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. It’s one of the leading fabric producers in the United Kingdom and also caters to clients worldwide via their online platform. If you opt to buy wholesale, they let you open your own trade account so you’ll have an account manager who can assist you always. You’ll also enjoy their discounts and free fabric samples!

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