April 14, 2022

What are the Main Applications of Blockchain?

What are the Main Applications of Blockchain?

When we hear the term “blockchain,” a golden glittery Bitcoin sparkles in our imagination. We have linked blockchain to cryptocurrency in our minds, but the reality is surprising. If you think you buy Ethereum with paybis or any other cryptocurrency and you understand the blockchain application, you are mistaken. 

Blockchain is an emerging technology in the field of information technology. It has various applications in every day and every area of life. It is worth noting that the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain is very bright. 

What Is Blockchain Technology? 

In simple words, blockchain technology is a new system of recording information such that this information is impossible to change or alter. This information is available and accessible to everyone. IT experts define blockchain as a shared database. In this technology, the data is safe in growing chains of blocks linked together by cryptographic codes. As more blocks join in, the chain is known as a digital ledger. 

Each computer connected to the network verifies and records the data with each exchange of information or transaction. The system is known as a peer-to-peer computer network. Each transaction is time-stamped, totally decentralized, and transparent. 

Blockchain technology offers many benefits. Some of them are listed here

Important Applications of Blockchain Technology:

In this section, we will discuss various applications of blockchain technology and learn why this technology is considered one of the most revolutionary technologies of the modern era. 

Professionally the applications of blockchain technology are widely split into four major categories: securities, smart contracts, digital currency, and record keeping. Here we are simply presenting its applications. 


The whole infrastructure of all cryptocurrencies lies on the foundation of blockchain technology. All cryptocurrencies are based on similar technology, from big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin to emerging ones like Shiba and Katna INU. These cryptocurrencies are a valuable investment tool in the modern world and are slowly emerging as an exchange medium. Several businesses allow transactions using crypto and cryptocurrency ATMs. The future of cryptocurrency is promising. 


Blockchain meets all the requirements of the banking sector. Its applications in financial services offer significant benefits that align with the concept of financial services. It is a superior technology to keep track of records and store them safely. There is no possibility of data tampering in blockchain technology. Many banks are moving their system to blockchain technology-based applications. 

Internet of Things:

The Internet of things relates to using the internet to connect with our surroundings. It uses codes, sensors, updated software, and processing ability to build the connection. Above all, the complete system requires exchanging data from one system to another to create a device plus communication network. Blockchain technology supports the advanced concept by offering its decentralized platform to secure passwords and fast speed to execute actions in a short time. 

Artist Royalties:

Blockchain technology helps artists to secure their music and art files from piracy. It ensures that their original files remain only over the Internet. The files are distributed on the Internet using this technology while paying the rightful share to the artists. Artists also form smart contacts with different channels, participate in live streaming and get a fair share of their profits.  

Digital Identity Cards:

The concept of traditional identity cards has come to an end as blockchain technology offers self-sovereign identity for everyone. It leads to developing secure and unalterable ways of accessing your accounts. It provides a resilient, persistent, minimalistic, portable, and fully authorized way to control the data to the concerned person only. 

Healthcare facility:

Maintaining and securing the patient’s information in a hospital setting is a legal and ethical responsibility. Since the internet greatly impacts our lives and most of the doctor’s appointments are held in online sessions, the storage of data and its confidentiality is a bigger challenge. Blockchain technology resolves this issue by providing a comprehensive platform where data is secure and accessible to medical professionals in real-time. 

Supply chain management and Logistics:

Applying blockchain technology to keep track of goods offers many benefits. Firstly, the items remain safe as the movement of goods at each step is secured on the digital ledger. Secondly, it eliminates the risk of miscommunication as real-time data is available and accessible for concerned authorities. It helps supply chain managers and logistic companies to perform their duty efficiently. 

Final Verdict:

Blockchain technology has gained fame through its application in cryptocurrency.  Its benefits in the digital currency are endless. However, blockchain technology has various applications. The use cases of technology are increasing with each coming day, and it is perceived as one of the robust technologies in the upcoming era. 

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