August 4, 2021

What are the Types of Covid-19 Tests?

As the coronavirus pandemic worsened, scientists began working on different tests to diagnose this illness as rapidly as possible. Time is of the essence with Covid as it is highly transmissible. Identifying a patient with Covid allows them to go into isolation quickly, thereby reducing the risk of infection of others.

Today, people who suspect they have Covid or have been in contact with someone who does have multiple testing options at their disposal. Here, we discuss the leading test types and how patients can distinguish between them.

What Are The Types Of Covid-19 Tests?

RT-PCR tests

Standard Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) tests are regarded as the most accurate Covid tests as they identify an organism’s genetic material’s presence, in this case, the Covid virus. These tests can trace elements of Covid long after a subject is no longer infected. Standard RT-PCR tests are the gold standard for Covid testing because of their accuracy.

Sample extraction processes are identical to that for a Rapid PCR test, meaning a qualified professional must obtain a nasal swab sample. This swab is sent to a laboratory for testing, where lab technicians extract genetic material from the sample. Using special chemicals and a PCR machine, millions of copies of this genetic material are produced. One of the chemicals turns fluorescent if Covid-19 is present.

Analysis on a standard RT-PCR test can take a minimum of 24 hours.

Rapid PCR tests

A Rapid PCR test detects current infection with Covid and is administered via a nasal swab by a certified nurse. Anyone in contact with someone with Covid or who suspects they have it should undertake testing immediately. The Rapid PCR test provides same-day results, making it ideal for people needing to travel or participate in events that require a PCR test for entry. It differs from a standard PCR test as subjects can expect results within 30 minutes.

At-home Rapid PCR testing offers the test subject optimal speed of getting results while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. Mobile medical providers can conduct these tests in large corporate settings at reduced rates or for individuals or families at home.

Onsite testing services send professionals to clients’ locations to conduct Covid testing there, ensuring that potentially infected people do not enter hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s consultation rooms where they could transmit the virus to others.

Rapid antigen test

Subjects can know their test results within 15 minutes if they take a rapid antigen test. This test looks for specific proteins belonging to Covid-19. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors offer this test, and some clinics now sell DIY test kits. A rapid antigen test is advised if a subject is displaying Covid symptoms. It quickly identified the virus’s presence, allowing subjects to self-isolate and prevent transmission.

However, it is by no means as accurate as PCR testing. False-negative rates can be as high as 50%, meaning that a test is negative although the subject has contracted Covid. However, false-positive rates are lower. A false-positive result occurs when the test is positive, but the patient does not have Covid. A person experiencing symptoms who receives a negative result is typically advised to take a standard PCR test for confirmation.

Antibody test

Antibodies are substances created by the immune system to fight off an infection. Therefore, the presence of antibodies indicates that someone has had Covid and successfully combated it – whether or not the person ever showed symptoms. Antibodies take 7 to 21 days to form, rendering an antibody test ineffective in testing for current virus presence.

This test requires a blood sample drawn by a professional. 

Rapid antibody test

The intent and results of a rapid antibody test are similar to those of a standard antibody test. However, it looks much like a diabetes glucose test. This test requires a blood drop taken from the finger, which is placed on a fingerstick to detect antibodies.

Results become available within 15 minutes, and the test’s degree of accuracy is almost identical to a standard antibody test. This makes it a better alternative to a standard antibody test, which takes longer to render results. However, similar to the antibody test, this test should not be used to diagnose an active case of Covid-19.

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