December 23, 2019

What I love about Christmas with kids!

Have kids or kids within your extended family?  If you do, then you’ll know that Christmas is so frickin’ exciting, both for the kids AND the adults!  Christmas is a magical time for all, but there is nothing quite like seeing a child’s face light up when they see Father Christmas, decorate the tree or open a Christmas present.  Only last week I went to a Christmas party at my son’s play school, and the look on his face when he saw Father Christmas was priceless – he actually shook with love and excitement!

Something I will miss for sure is seeing the kids faces when they perform their Christmas carol concert or perform in their school nativity.  It’s such as special time and so wonderful to see the kids so absorbed in the magic and generosity that this time of year can bring.

So, with that being said, here is a list of things I absolutely love about Christmas with the kids!

Christmas shows

As I mentioned above, there is something so so special about seeing your child perform in a Christmas play.  Both Missy and Mr B had their own shows this year which were so lovely.  Missy performed in a choir performance, of course singing the classic Christmas songs and dancing her little heart out.  Mr B sang in a carol service and it was so touching to see all the kids in his year sing all the words to Silent Night.  It really is a moment that allows you to also reflect back on your time as a child doing the same thing.

We also love to go and watch a festive show as a family.  Last year we saw Rudolf at Birminghams MAC, which was fantastic.  This year, we’ve booked to go and see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt for a little family day out a few days after Christmas.

Rudolf Christmas Show

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This year, with Missy and Baby K being that bit older, there was some real interest from them when it came to decorating the Christmas Tree.  Now as Mr B is not far from turning 10 next year, his interest is less but the other two were so excited, that we actually put our tree up a week earlier than normal on the 23rd November (I know I hear you cringe!)  Every year, the kids are lifted up to place the star on the tree, and as soon as the kids have gone to bed, there is rather a lot of Christmas bauble reorganisation!

Elf on a shelf

Now, heres where opinion may be divided.  Some people welcome the elves into their home with open arms,  whereas others, not so much.  It’s been a bit of a funny December for me this year, so my heart hasn’t been in it.  However, I do love the Elves (yes we have three!) visiting us and the kids are always so excited to see what they’ve up to during the night (even if they may have only moved an inch and are reading a book!)  Find some Elf on a Shelf ideas here!

Elf on a shelf eating breakfast making a mess

Christmas PJs

As part of our Christmas traditions, we get the kids brand new PJ’s on Christmas Eve.  There is nothing better than a new set of Christmas pyjamas, and the kids love receiving a gift following on from the Elves departure.

Christmas with kids Christmas PJ's

Visiting Father Christmas

I love festive family days out.  This year we visited Tamworth’s SnowDome for their Santa Winter Wonderland which was fantastic, as well as Hatton Country World and their Enchanted Christmas Experience.  My kids have always been a little wary of seeing him (of course still with lots of excitement and intrigue, but rightfully so, he is a stranger after all haha!)  But once inside his grotto, they are happy to tell him what they want for Christmas.  And no doubt there is always a surprise when one of them reveals what they wish for, with Matt and I looking across the room from each other with a look of fear on our faces!  They didn’t mentioned a Nintendo Switch before!?!?

Visiting father christmas at Hatton Country World Warwick

Christmas Movies

Anyone else love snuggling down on the sofa watching a Christmas film?  Christmas Tree lights are sparkling and snacks are on hand when it comes to watching our favourites.  We love The Polar Express, Authur Christmas and Elf.

Christmas Toys and Games

Whether you have kids or not, opening presents is exciting.  But when you see your child’s face when they open their favourite toy that they’ve wished for, is priceless.  I also love to play with the toys too, especially Lego!  I think every child should have lego set for Christmas, its the perfect activity to do together as a family!  I also love board games that we can all sit down and play.  This year I have brought Colour Brain and Colour Brain Disney edition which we’ve already had a go at and I can firmly say is brilliant!

Christmas Baking

Another else get a surge of baking around Christmas time?  Every year I make our own mince pies which don’t always turn out perfect – in fact, far from it!  But normally, they taste lovely and the smell that fills the house is just full of Christmas and cheer.  We’ve also loved decorating  a Gingerbread house and this year was our first year at having a go – not bad ay?!

What I love most about Christmas with the kids

Christmas breakfast

Over in our house, rules are loose and the kids can have anything they want for breakfast on Christmas morning!  Having said that, they are normally so absorbed in their presents and gifts that breakfast really is on the back burner.  Matt on the other hand has to have a Terry’s chocolate orange for breakfast – its a tradition!

So, there you have it!  What are you favourite things about spending Christmas with the kids?!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas! xxx




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