November 17, 2020

What to buy for your first Yoga class

During the summer, I decided to take up Yoga.  Having never done it before, I was super keen to see how it would make me feel, both physically and mentally as I had heard such good things!  In all honestly, I felt super nervous, but I did my research into the best yoga classes in my local area, and dragged my sister along for moral support!

If you regularly attend yoga, you’ll know that the benefits of a yoga include perfecting your posture, increases your blood flow and of course, increases your heart rate.  It is also fantastic for your mental health, meeting new people and calming your mind.  In the lead up to my yoga class, I wanted to make sure I had all the correct essentials to ensure I got the best out of my yoga experience.  I wanted to share with my readers some things I found helpful and ideas on what to buy for your first Yoga class.

Yoga class with people doing a yoga pose on yoga mats

Yoga Mat

I think the most important thing on your list to purchase for a yoga lesson is a great quality yoga mat.  Having a yoga mat is essential when it comes to taking yoga classes (you would really stand out for the wrong reasons if you didn’t have one!)  Investing in a robust and durable yoga mat should be high on your list.  Yoga is mostly practiced on hard floor, therefore having a yoga mat is really essential when it comes to providing you with some support when your doing your stretches and yoga moves.  It also gives you a sense of belonging within a class and offers that personal space too.

Things to buy before your first yoga class including a yoga mat - lady doing a stretch on a pink yoga mat

Pixels offer a lovely range of quirky yoga mats to suit all styles, that are made of eco friendly PVC.   They have such a wide range of designs and are printed specifically to your order!  It is a real pleasure searching through all their fantastic designs of yoga mats – definitely check these out if you want to stand out from the crowd!

Hand towel

Surprisingly, Yoga makes you sweat!  It’s a real work out, and for that reason, I really recommend you purchasing a small hand towel to use during your yoga session.   This is great to have to hand if you build up a sweat as no one wants to be caught out!

Water Bottle

Don’t forget your water bottle!  Hydration is so important when it comes to exercise, and whilst this isn’t intense and vigorous exercise, you’re going to need to keep your water levels up.  Investing in a good quality water bottle is important and having one that is small and lightweight is great for when you are out and about attending yoga lessons.  I find that even if I am at home, pouring my water into a water bottle encourages me to drink more water!

Stretch leggings

It is really important that you are comfortable when attending your yoga class.  Having a pair of street leggings is key for comfort and movement, ensuring that you can really work to the best of your ability who it comes to stretching.  As some of the moves and poses are quite precarious and show off a lot of bum in most cases, you really want a pair of leggings that are thick too, as no one wants to show of more than they wish to!

stretch leggings are on the list of things to buy before your first yoga class

I hope this guide has been useful when it comes to preparing for your first yoga lesson!  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading xxx

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