October 13, 2020

How we made our hallway look bigger

We are super lucky to have quite a large hallway, which I think becomes the focal point for when we arrive into our home.  The hallway is quite wide, and over the years we’ve moved furniture around and added the odd decor item to make it feel larger than it is.  I really do love this area of our home, and we have worked hard to make our hallway look bigger with various decor ideas.  I wanted to write a blog post and share with my readers some useful ideas, so that hopefully you can find it inspirational too!

Storage in your hallway

I think for most large families, the hallway can become a dumping ground for shoes and coats etc.  Not long after we moved in, I wanted something that could act as a shelving unit, as well as storage.  We found a lovely piece in IKEA, where not only could we have a place to have a side lamp, photo frame and some flowers, but it is also great for storing our shoes, any paperwork and letters and bags.

Brightening up your hallway with mirrors

Whatever size hallway you have, adding a mirror is key to opening up that area and make it feel airy, brighter and larger.  This rectangle white mirror was from The Range and I absolutely love it!  It’s also perfect for checking our your face prior to walking out the door!  The Range also do an arch style mirror similar to this one if the shape of your hallway is squarer.

Large mirror to make your hallway seem biggerUsing a wide mirror to make your hallway seem bigger


This is something that is a work in progress for us.  We had our kitchen (which is a room that leads off the hallway) renovated 3 years ago and had a new flooring fitted.  However, it’s already deteriorating.  Our plans are to get the hallway and kitchen floor done together so the two rooms flow through to each other.  We are after hardwood flooring, simply because it is durable, long lasting and looks authentic.  I currently don’t like the mix of the different tones of floor, so having something that flows through both rooms with also make the hallway seem more open and larger.

Wall prints

I love wall prints and I think the hallway is a fantastic place to have some statement pieces for when your guests enter your home.  We love our Mapiful Disneyland Paris print placed directly next to our front door.  It’s simplistic and chic, but also have a really sentimental meaning behind it as we can showcase one of our favourite places in the world! You can grab 10% off using code MAPILOVE.

Disneyland Paris Mapiful print

Front door

One of the things that allows our hallway to seem open and airy is our front door.  We had added a porch since we moved in 7 years ago, however we’ve still ensured we’ve kept the frosted windows to allow all that light to enter our hallway.  Again, another way to ensure your hallway is bright and feels larger than it may be.

And there you have it!  I hope you have found my ideas and tips to make your hallway seem bigger useful!

Thanks for reading xxx



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