March 27, 2023

How to organise an unforgettable Disney-themed birthday party for your children

Do you love planning birthday parties for your children?  I think its like marmite; you either love it or hate it.   Maybe you’ve given it a go once and its not for you or perhaps you dived into the deep end and now can’t look back!  Planning a child’s birthday party can be super fun and I’d love to share with you my top tips on how to organise a Disney themed birthday party!

Disney is a huge part of our lives and I love the thought of planning a Disney themed birthday party for one of my children.  But, where to begin?

1.Set your Disney theme

This is where I think you have to start, before any of the other planning comes into play.  What is your Disney theme?  Whether your planning an ultimate Disney princess party or perhaps The Lion King is a huge hit for your child, picking one theme is a great start so you have a focus on what the party might look like. Once you have chosen your theme, you can then consider what elements will make up the party.

How to plan an unforgettable Disney themed party for your child

2. Chose your Venue

Chosing a venue can be a pretty easy decision if you decide that your home is the place in which you want to host your Disney themed party.  This way, you do not have to think about finding a venue, plus hiring one in which will result in a fee!  The cheapest option is to chose your home and if its in the summer, then your garden is the best best.  If not, look at local halls or church halls where the cost will most likely be on the lower side.  If your child is after a soft play party, make a list of local soft plays in your area, cross check their availability with the dates you had in mind and then compare the cost.

3. Invitations

Once you have secured a date and venue and you now know your Disney theme, then its time to invite the guests.  My children love cho0sing, writing and then handing out their invitations and there are so many options when it comes to creating them.  If time is against you and you do not have the time to re-write all the invitations, then why not look at getting some personalised invitations printed.

4.Disney cake

if you are looking for a bespoke personalised cake, you best start thinking about who is going to make this!  Word of mouth is a great way of finding out about local bakers in your area.  Instagram and Facebook are the places to check out photos of their pervious work too.  If you prefer something a little less expensive, it’s worth looking around local supermarkets to see if they stock any Disney themed cakes!

5.Party Supplies and Accessories

Finally, it’s time to think about what you actually need on the day!  If you are hosting the Disney party at home, then you’ll know what space you have to play with.  Perhaps you’d like to consider a Disney balloon arch to be included in your hallway for when guests arrive.  We always chose banners to decorate our home for our child’s parties and if your serving food, choosing some Disney themed plates, cups and table cloth to match!

How to plan a Disney themed party using balloons

 There are a variety of party decorations for a Disney-themed party that you can choose from. If you want something easy to catch people’s attention, try custom neon signs. You can incorporate Disney themes into neon signs. 

The bright and jumping lights will light up the venue and at the same time light up the joyful atmosphere of the venue. Custom Neon Signs are designed to create a cozy atmosphere at your party and mesmerize your guests and friends as well as children. Invite them to have a great time with these dazzling light signs!

custom neon lights

Consider checking out local charity shops to find cheap props to use in your Disney themed party – we once found a huge Goofy in a skip!  Shops like Primark are also fabulous for Disney accessories.

If you and your kids like to personalize your own ideas and want to design your own cartoon characters, you can also consider custom accessories. online custom stores like BPS are convenient and can produce the most personalized pin badges, custom patches, custom stickers and custom lanyards, etc. based on your ideas and designs, all you need to do is provide a clear picture. Distribute these custom gifts to your buddies who come to wear the game together and give it to them at the end, it will be a very memorable collection and accessory.

If you are a creative person, have a look online at some ideas to get crafty and bring some of your own Disney magic to the party.  Have a go at making a Disney Piñata using Carboard, stickers, cutouts and lots of sweets!

And don’t forget about the little details that can add a special touch to your Disney party. Consider substituting traditional wristbands with enchanting Disney-themed silicone wristbands. These wristbands can serve as delightful keepsakes for your young guests and enhance the overall Disney experience at the party.

6.Disney Themed Food

If your hosting your party at home, think about what food you are going to serve and if you really want a Disney theme, why not create some Disney themed party food.  Some ideas I love are:

– Mickey and Minnie shaped Cookies

– Mickey shaped pretzels

– Smartie Rice Crispy Treats (these are so popular in Disney World!)

– Turkey legs (also a massive Disney snack!)

– Dole Whip (Pineapple Ice cream)

– Popcorn

– Mike Wazowski Apples (using a large marshmallow cut in half to stick onto the side of the apple using icing, then with a green icing pen, colour in the centre of the marshmallow to finish his eye!)

– Casey’s Corner Hot Dogs

Mickey shaped Pretzel for your Food party ideas

7. Disney Party Games

Finally, my last tip in my list of how to plan the best Disney Party for your kids, is to plan some Disney themed party games.  This is where you can get creative and create some of your own!

– Pin the Minnie

Instead of Pin the Donkey, why not create your own poster of Minnie Mouse without her bow.  Then using an actual bow (if you have a daughter you can use one of her’s or buy one from a shop) attach some blue tac and all you need is a blindfold!  The children will love this one! And instead of Minnie, why not use Olaf or another character where you can pin another item onto!

– Disney drawing art class

This is a fun one – select a Disney character relating to your theme.  Then have all the children draw the character…but with a blind fold!  So much fun!

Decorate Disney themed cookies!

A simple but super fun game of decorating some Disney cookies.  Simple pre bake some Disney cookies and using a cutter themed to your party would make this even more fun. Then using some icing, let the kids decorate!

And there you have it!  Some lovely ideas to get your Disney party started!  Any more tips, leave in the comments below!

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